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If you are looking for a  car racing game | car racing  that provides you exhilarating stunt driving game challenges then this car stunt racing game is super entertaining for you that provides you excitement of fast racing and stunts. It is a super car stunt racing game that takes you to the extreme level of racing. There are many challenging tracks with drifts and racing fun games tricks. You will enjoy races on sky high mega tracks. Stunt racing game is basically a game which takes physics to an extreme level. It includes crashes, jumps, drifts in an impossible mega ramp in 3D.

Gameplay of Car Racing Master

Stunning Car Stunts

To play this Car Racing Master Apk, first you have to select the car which you find attractive. Next you are given a challenge in which you have to play a game against many other cars which are your competitors. When you click the start button cars start racing and while playing the game you will face challenges like drifting and crashes but if you want to win the game then you have to overcome those challenges and when you avoid challenges then you will easily achieve your task and reach the finishing line within specific or given time. You can also try other car racing games.


Challenges play a vital role in any game. Playing games with challenges helps you to become a professional. In this game there are many challenges.Is it possible for you to jump the biggest mega ramp in the world?. We have designed the races and stunts very challenging for you to drive. Some challenges may include;

  • Jump over extreme ramps
  • Impossible stunts.
  • Challenging tracks.
  • Mega ramps
  • Difficult levels.
Car Racing Master Amazing Cars

If you beat these challenges then you will become the race master. These challenges help you to become a professional racer and soon you will play games without any difficulty. You will also face the crashes here but by the time you will overcome them.


You can drive your GT car doing stunts in extreme races of the open free mode. You can also use any car for stunt and racing. The realistic  skin of the car also has a wide range. You can also select the car skin of your type or which you found attractive. You can also get a daily discount if you play this game regularly.


There are many attractive features of this game. You can really enjoy those features while playing games. Some main features of this game are:

  • Impossible stunts
  • Car damages and crashes
  • Realistic car skins
  • Challenging tracks
  • Extreme stunts and jumps
  • Modern stunning vehicles.
Amazing Features


The Car Racing Master is basically a car stunt game in which you will face different challenges . There are tracks which make it impossible for you to reach the finishing line. But if you once start playing this game then with passage of time you will overcome your difficulties and become a pro player soon.

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