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Feb 28, 2023
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Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK Searching for the right game that suits your temperament is always the dream of every gamer. Carrom Pool Mod APK Android 1 is one of the most played board turn-based pool games. In this blog, I am going to share with you the best platform where you can get unlimited coins and gems download new version totally free. In this interesting sport, you have the choice to play online as well as offline. Its online feature allows you to get connected with anyone across the globe. Whilst the offline feature lets you spend your leisure time with buddies as you can enjoy it without any sort of data connection.

The game is mostly played in South Asia on Android, Windows, and iOS alongside clubs and cafes also earn a suitable living while arranging high-class tournaments and providing space for the players to showcase their talent. In fact, the game has some addictive power. This game is also part of commonwealth games but different rules exist in different regions.

Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK

About the Developers

         Miniclip is the world’s largest privately-owned online gaming website with a total of 1138 games available on Android, iOS, and Windows. Tencent’s gaming body acquired the majority of its stakes so it became the major share-holder of the website in 2015. In fact, the Hack APK in one of the oldest games. Miniclip generated $21M revenue only in the month of October with 52M+ downloads. Specifically talking about the mod APK latest version this game has 80K+ downloads only in September 2023. Miniclip games are available on Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Windows 8. Carrom Pool Aim Hack APK 2023 is loved and cherished by every age group. Their games have attracted individuals from all walks of life.

Download: Carrom Clash Mod Apk

Game Specifications

App nameCarrom Pool APK Mod
Game typeBoard Game
Release dateDecember 13, 2018
Last updated28 Feb,2023
Size40 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.4+
RootNot required
Mod featureUnlimited Coins/Gems

The Game Play

Undoubtedly, only interesting games survive in this dramatically changing environment. It is truly enthralling. certain the game has plenty to offer its keen lovers. by looking at this board sort of strategic and turn-wise game’s download stats one can easily guess the magic this game has been blessed with. Hack Mod APK consists of captivating gameplay. Most importantly, This indoor-based multiplayer latest mod APK 2023 has three main modes.

Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK

1)    Carrom Mode

2)    Disc Pool Mode

3)    Play Freestyle

Online Mode

One of the most basic and simple modes in Carrom Pool Mod APK Aim Hack is coined as Carrom Mode. This mode starts with an entry fee of 200 coins in the Paris stage that earns you 50 CP and 400 coins. Similarly, Lahore Lounge, London Park, Istanbul Bazar, Bangalore Streets, Dubai Skybar, Karachi Arena, New York Square, and Singapore Plaza range several rewards extending from 1K to 1M apace with 60 to 125 CPs as well.

The player has to pot 6 similar discs with the red one that is actually “the queen”. The queen must be covered with one of the discs in order to win the game otherwise it will come back to the table. One thing should be kept in mind that red puck can be potted anytime but must be petted before the last puck. Otherwise, one foul will cast you one extra disc to be pocketed with the rest of the discs. Losing turns will not earn you an auto-pilot recovery. It means that if you fail in making your turn in a given time you will lose the turn.

Disc Pool Mode

This mode requires the same entry fee. You can start from any level if you have the prerequisite entry fee. The sole requirement in this mode is to pot all six pucks before your rival for winning for the game.

Most Importantly, you have to complete your turn in the prescribed time. Because the game gives you sufficient time to play your shots smartly. If you fail in responding in time you will lose your turn. Likewise, Foul will cast you to pot one extra puck. As the entry fee is the same so are the rewards with CPs too. Also, note that potting the striker is a foul which will not only cost you an extra puck to the pot but you will also lose your turn too. A turn will be over if you don’t pot any of your pucks.

Play Freestyle

As the title suggests, this free board game has freestyle where each puck gives you a different score. For example, potting black will reward you 10 points and a white puck will give you 20 points in this mode of Premium Pass and Free Download. Whereas, potting red which requires covering by any of the pucks will earn you 50 points. The turn continues if you pot a puck but the turn will be over if you don’t pot or commit any foul. Earning 120 points first will win you the freestyle feature. The entry fee, rewards, and CPs are the same as discussed above. In every mode, only the Paris stage has got 6 discs. The rest of the stages has 9 pucks to play with.

Carrom Disc Pool Mod APK

Mod Features

Ads Free

One of the game’s sullying peculiarities is Google ads or other commercials that are always causing nuisance and disturbance for crazy game lovers. These ads are quite annoying when you are at the extreme level of the games at Carrom Board Mod APK. Most importantly, your interest, charm, and concentration in the game lessen with pop-up ads if you free download game from Google Play Store or App Store. So, go and get an ad-free mod APK totally free from our provided link which will help you fully concentrate on your game and never get bored or distracted. Actually, many games become part of the past when they start introducing ad after ad. Then the player neglects the game because he has been fed up with this trait. Our game always assists partakers get going without such interesting spoiling features.

Play Online

         This very widespread game feature bids you to play this turn-based board game with millions of players around the sphere. Players can play with their friends, game buddies as well as other random players depending upon their mood and choices. Playing physically in a room with your friends is also fun, but playing online with your friends at a considerable distance is entertaining too. You don’t need to think about How to Earn Money because you will get enough coins and gems with our provided link.

Play Offline

         This game also provides you an opportunity to play offline when you don’t have a data network or your Wi-Fi gets out of order. Unlimited money and coins have also planned a stage for playing it offline. If you are a beginner you have the luxury to play the game offline on android or apple for practicing and learning the rules of the game. Most importantly, playing Hack Unlimited Coins and Gems Latest Version with your friends creates memories and kills boredom. In this way, your flock can consider it a superb tool for getting in touch with your pals anywhere and anytime.

Get Unlimited Coins/Chests/Gems/Money Guaranteed Free/Premium Pass

         The latest APK mod will unlock all chests and spring unlimited money and coins. Unlike downloaded from Google Play or the App Store this modded form will provide a diamond generator and unlimited gems. Consequently, you don’t need to spend from your wallet extravagantly to play for higher bets. For instance, if you spend your wallet out and lose the game you will definitely lose your coins Premium Pass Free Download.

So we are giving you a prospect to save your money and enjoy unlimited free gems, money, and coins free of cost. For getting unlimited free money and gems just download the game from the download button provided under the featured image at the top. It is seen that most players search for playing at higher tiers. It is one of the urging and important features of our mod to make the most out of it and provide millions of coins for coping with all technicalities.

Chat With Your Opponents

         The game also features some communicating tools that let you chat with other players. A player can send some text templates, emojis and even type their messages too for communicating with other players . This texting feature has become an integrated part of every online game and no one can envisage playing any online game without this talkative feature.

Make World Records

         You have the luxury of playing more and more games for getting on top of the leaderboards. The ranking is based on total weekly winnings. You may also set a world record by participating and winning higher bets. You can get rewards from leagues’ leader-boards, friends’ leader-boards, country’s leader-boards, and world leader-board. such vast leader boards choices ask you to play and win as many games as you can with higher bets. Winning higher bets will earn plenty of rewards from various sides which is an added benefit.

Buy Free

         When you have unlimited coins, gems, money, etc you have the freedom to buy items from the shop. Buying items may cost you huge money and the game will ask you to purchase coins first. So you shouldn’t be worried at all about it. Just install and get premium pass hack-free that will assist you in enjoying the premium feature of this board game totally free.

Unlock All Chests

         This modded form the game helps you unlock all the chests without spending and waiting. There are plenty of chests in the game that need money in order to be unlocked. For model, pro chest, supreme chest, master chest, etc need money or time to get them unlocked. This all-new and latest give you an advantage over Google Play or App Store downloaded the game that you don’t have to wait for these chests to be opened at their respective time.

Stimulating and Exciting

         Free mod APK latest 2023 is truly electrifying, perplexing, and exhilarating to play. You can challenge your opponents by selecting the bets starting from only 200 coins and it goes into millions if you are lucky enough to acquire so many coins. Gets harder with every higher bet. Therefore, you should play higher bets only if you have the skills and expertise of the game like a pro player. For instance, game enthusiasts Love playing at higher tiers and they usually never give second chance. So, keep all your tools ready before you face a Pro player that will knock you for a loop.

How to Install

The procedure to download and install the game is literally simple and hassle-free.

Just click the download button under the featured image of the game.

You will be redirected to a new page in a new tab for downloading the game.

It will take 5-10 seconds for generating the downloading link so please be patient.

Click that link and downloading will begin.

After downloading is completed on your PC/android, enjoy (unlimited money and gems). 


It is one of the most downloaded and played board games in this 21st century. The sports have several interesting modes and offer catchy features too for its users. The game is available to download on the play store as well as the app store with in-app purchases. But its modded form is the best one that provides everything totally free. So, what are you waiting for? Press the download button and get Carrom Pool Mod APK 2023 totally free and play it like a pro after thorough study.


Ans: There are a few mechanisms that may earn you free coins. The steps are as simple as ABC. The below-mentioned pathways in the game will let you earn you a handsome penny. Just do as directed.

  1. Winning games
  2. Watching ads
  3. Playing a lucky shot after every 24 hours
  4. Checking free rewards
  5. Requesting gifts from friends
  6. Inviting friends
  7. Associating your account with Facebook
  8. Getting the passes
  9. Completing game missions

Ans: It’s a square-shaped board game that offers you to play games in pairs as well. Max of 4 players can play.

Ans: Yes, you can download and install the game on your PC as well as Android. The tabletop game is the best game for all ages to play on Android, iOS, and PC.

What's new

Start claiming Carrom Pass Points with your Daily Missions All users can now add friends and exchange gifts! Let's get social! Customise your profile by editing your name Minor bug fixes to make your experience even better!


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