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07 March, 2023
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Editor’s Review

If you are questing for one of the most acknowledged games which sharpens the mind and prepares to execute strategies perfectly then you must go with this Latest Chess Mod APK. This Western board game can be played between 2 players. A similar game, Xiangqi, is also played in China. Most probably, it is also played in Vietnam as well. The sole objective of the game is to arrest the king in order to knock down the rival’s force Online APK. Most importantly, many pieces like king, queen, rook etc play their own specific part. Moving and placing them in the right direction and right areas has to be managed smartly. Undoubtedly, our ancestors were at home with all the skills and tricks but a beginner has to learn to play.

Chess Mod APK

About developers

         It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chess Mod APK is a centuries old game. The game hasn’t lost its charm and attraction just because of its mind twisting rules. The game is offered by chess prince for every age group. It has been downloaded 100M+ from Google Play with average ratings 4.3 out of 5. On the other hand, Free for Android is ranked 17th in the board games category with an average 4.8 out of 5 ratings.

Game Specs

NameChess APK Mod
Requirement5.0 and up
RootNot Required


         This board is divided into two colours: black and white. There are a total of 64 square shaped black and white equally divided areas: 32 blacks and 32 whites. One of the 2 players can take any of the colour and move pieces on it in three ways: Vertical, Horizontal and Diagonal. Likewise, one can move his/her one out of 6 pieces accordingly. The strategy can be adopted once you get familiar with various Play & Learn pieces. Let’s go through all of them briefly.

Chess Mod APK


         Firstly, one of the six pieces which is Bishop can only be moved to any distance diagonally. Secondly, the Knight which has the power to move up to 2 fields horizontally and 1 field vertically and vice versa. Thirdly, the Rook which can go any distance horizontally and vertically. Fourth piece is the Queen. It can be moved to any distance in any direction. Next to the Queen is definitely the king. It can be moved up to only one field in any direction as well in Version 3. Last but not the least is the Pawn which has a diverse range of moves. It can be moved to 1st field forward or 2 fields at the 1st move.  


         If you can master the rules and power of all 6 pieces you can use them wisely. Next comes the important and crucial Chess Situations that must need to be understood on an immediate basis. First of all, Check is the situation in which the king is under an attack. This is a very crucial condition which can cost you a whole game. Afterward is Checkmate which is meant for the player who has got the turn but actually he is in Check and has no legal Moves to escape it from the School Days Hacked APK game. Third and last is the Stalemate situation where the player you have got the turn but he is deprived of legal moves which means that the game is drawn.

Sharp your Walnut

         It is not what wastes your time like most ordinary games. Today, not many children will be seen playing such strategic games that may benefit them. This game is still liked and loved by most of the older members of our family. In fact Chess Mod APK can be used to sharpen your memories. Due to its vast rules and various pieces powers, it can ask you to remember them for beating the opponent.

Ads Removed

         Now, The Best Game for Android has got rid of charm spoiling ads. These ads distract the player and sometimes your smart moves get affected with the appearance of such popping up ads. Our experts are continuously working with sincere devotion to provide maximum pleasures to the consumers. For such purposes they have successfully presented an ad-free Membership is totally free.

Free Undo

         When you get unblocked you may enjoy free undo options. As we know, it can prove costly if we move a bad turn. So, our modded will let you enjoy some free undo options to mend your error and play hassle free games with full interest.

Chess Mod APK

Final Words

         Free Premium board game is considered one of the best strategy games. This truly engaging game hasn’t grown old with the passing of centuries. Even today, most players have a sound mind. They are amazingly smart and sharp. We must make Game for Android 4.0 Free download known to our kids for making their mind work like computers.

How to Download the for Mobile?

         All our mods are quite easy to download and play on any sort of device. This time Free Download Game for Mobile Full Version can be obtained by going through a couple of straight forward steps.

         First of all, click the download button located under the featured image. Then wait for 10 seconds so that download link generation completes successfully. Secondly, click on the newly generated downloading link of Free Game Download for Mobile Full Version. Allow third parties to download from your iOS or Android device settings. Lastly, install the device on your PC, Android or iOS. You can witness download from the official site is not a difficult deal at all.


What's new

Hey, chess-lovers! This new version updates a popular feature, adds new ways to train, and brings more fun to your Profile and Game Chat. - Make a good habit of the new Daily Puzzle! - Learn to finish your games (and your opponents) with the Endgames trainer! - Watch major tournaments in Events! - Work on key skills, relive classic games, or play custom positions with the new Practice feature! - Enjoy a better showcase for your Awards. - Archive your Bot games. Thank you - and enjoy your chess!



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