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March 10, 2023
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Enjoy Clumsy Ninja Mod Apk intriguing ninja game in which you manage your characters and guide him on his ultimate quest to become a great ninja. The game for android 1 is where you can get your lesions.

As you go, feel free to do anything you want with him. Touch him, dragged him, passed through him, and so forth. Your ninja will level up and gain new abilities as a result of everything you do to him. Be quick, since you’ll need to master all of the ninja skills before you can begin your own adventure in the game.


Extremely entertaining the hack APK that will kill your boredom and make you laugh loudly. You will have a little ninja student at your disposal, whom you must train. He was awkward at first, but as he grasped his instruction and honed his talents, he became a formidable ninja. Play with them in various mini-games to earn money that may be used to purchase a variety of items and objects with which it will interact. Beautiful and realistic graphics will entice every player, easy and straightforward controls will keep you entertained for hours.

Additional Information

1NameDownload Clumsy Ninja (MOD, Unlimited Money)
2Last version1.33.2
3Size   26.22 Mb
Unlimited coins, gems
6DeveloperNaturalMotionGames Ltd


In the unlimited gems and coins APK features of the game, players will meet a one-of-a-kind ninja apprentice on his way to becoming the world’s next ninja master. However, there is one flaw with this individual: he is exceedingly clumsy and struggles with much of his training.

As a result, you’ll have to put in a lot of work to educate him how to be a ninja. Take him through a series of trainings with various types of equipment and lessons. Our ninja will become less awkward as he gains more training.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Coins/Diamonds
  • Diamonds
  • Purchase free
  • No Ads
  • Free Shopping

Game Features

Here you’ll find all the exciting Free features that the game has to offer:

Train your ninja through exciting challenges

To begin, players in My Clumsy Ninja will have access to a variety of challenges and training assignments that they must perform in order to assist our ninja. Each completed assignment will reward you with a set amount of currency, gem, and experience for your ninja. Before you take your ninja out on an adventure, it’s advised that you put him through some basic training.

Level up your ninja to unlock interesting features

Your ninja will get experience as you accomplish the training and tasks, which may be utilized to level him up. As your ninja gains experience, he may level up and gain new abilities. Not to mention that when Lazy ninja’s level raises, he or she will get less clumsy.

Multiple items to interactive

The Gem Cheat codes includes a range of things with which your ninja may interact to help you with your training. Balloons, trampolines, punch bags, and even a chicken or a squirrel are among the items available. With over 70 distinct items, players will have a blast with Clumsy while also properly training their ninjas.

Discover the unique adventures

With enough practice, your ninja will be ready to go off on his own adventure. First and foremost, he must locate his long-lost buddy, Kira, who also happens to be his adolescent crush. In the Hack tool of the game, you’ll tour the enormous universe, exploring new areas, interacting with new individuals, and unlocking much more engaging gameplay.

Customize your character to how you want it

Feel free to experiment with different outfits, belts, headbands, free shopping and other accessories to create your unique ninja avatar. Varying your looks using a variety of on-theme clothing to make them appear more menacing.

Cool Missions

You’re never going to get bored when playing this game as there are more than 70 items you can use with your ninja. Some of these items are a chicken, a watermelon, sandbags, trampolines and more.

The PC version offers a lot of missions. You progress in the game by completing training courses that become difficult as you go. Free training courses available but some need gold/coins to be unlocked.

Sleek Customizations

Another exciting aspect of ninja training? It’s the fact that you can change their appearance! You may modify their outfits, spectacles, and caps right down to the colors. Feel free to alter their appearance to suit your needs or to get that elite ninja look.

Train, Level Up, And Unlock

You will be rewarded with experiences as you continue to train your ninja and complete challenges. These may be used to level up your ninja and make him less clumsy. To unlock abilities and powers, work hard and practice like a genuine ninja.

Epic Journey

In addition to the training, Max Level features an incredible tale that will leave you dumbfounded. The first order of business for your ninja is to locate his long-lost pal Kira. Go on exciting adventures with your ninja as you explore new locations, connect with fascinating individuals, and unlock new activities.

Tips to Get Your Ninja from Clumsy to Elite

When you’re tasked with training a Glitch, there’s not much you can accomplish. You’ll undoubtedly confront several obstacles along the road. But it shouldn’t deter you from putting him through his paces! Here are some pointers on how to transform your Private Server into a renowned ninja.

Train Hard

The finest piece of advice we can give you is to just do it. Your ninja isn’t going to level up on his own. To get XP and new training materials, complete challenges and trainings. As you continue, you’ll unlock more things to utilize in your ninja training.

Stop paying for repairs

Your equipment will need to be repaired once you train with your ninja. To speed up the process, you may either buy gems and utilize them, or tweet/watch a brief video. There are far better ways to spend your gems than on items like this. Simply tweet or view as many short videos as possible. Or, better yet, simply wait for it to be mended for a while. After all, a ninja’s patience is a virtue that he or she must possess.

Pop balloons for XP

Except for the fiery one, exploding balloons will offer you a significant increase. Our recommendation is to obtain the Sky balloon early on for only 4 gems, since it will provide you with significant prizes. After that, after you’ve achieved level 9, you may buy 5 blue balloons for 25 coins. Here’s an example of how much XP you can get from popping balloons:


50 coins for 5 or 6 stones for 10 natural balloons – 1,100 XP

Sky balloons – 430 XP for 25 coins for 5 or 4 gems for 10.

75 coins for 5 or 8 gems for 10 Sensei balloons – 6,300 XP

10,000 XP – Multicolored balloons – 100 coins for 5 or 10 gems for 10 –

Graphics with high visual and audio quality

The Latest Version brings gamers to the addicting and intense simulator gameplay with magnificent 3D visuals. Use the smooth and responsive mechanics to command your ninja to do whatever you want. Not to mention the fact that you may personalize your lovely characters with a variety of options.


You may play whenever you want while relaxing to the soothing sounds. Furthermore, the level 99 dramatic and precise sound effects will make each of your movements highly believable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Clu msy Ninja Unlimited Coins?

Have unlimited coins with our mod:

That does not, however, imply that the game is fully free. Because it’s a freemium game, Android users will have to deal with in-app purchases and obnoxious advertisements.

As a result, if you want them fully eliminated from your game, you should probably install our patched version instead.

Simply go to our website and download and install our Game, making sure to follow the instructions. You may then have access to an endless supply of money and gold to buy whatever you desire. We’ve also eliminated the obnoxious advertisements so you can really enjoy the game.

Is it free?

Despite the game’s many interesting features, Clumsy Ninja available for free on the Google Play Store. As a result, all you have to do now is find the game and download it on your mobile device. You may begin playing it immediately when the automatic installation is completed.

Is It Safe to Use?

Yes, this game is completely safe to use.

What's new

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