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Latest Game 2023 Hills Of Steel Mod Apk With All Mod Featured To Get Unlimited Resources | Download Now For Free
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March 24, 2023
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Hills of Steel mod apk is a two dimensional parallel adventure game that offers a terrific encounter. The game revolves on a tank combat. A physical modeling game with a response to serious. You fight your opponents in the mountains and destroy them with swords. Your acquire money from victims and modify cars with unique weaponry and improvements. You acquire more tanks and pick the correct battle style as time goes on. Because it contains so much material, you’ll be fighting on a number of different battlefields. You generate income by winning tank engagements and rising through the ranks. You should make every effort to be the next world’s largest war commander. This is the game for people who enjoy driving large military equipment and are looking for nonstop action.


Hills of Steel mod apk unlimited diamond is a fun and free battle game. You may either pay for in-app products to improve your raid on opposing territory or play for free. The game has excellent playability, and you unleash projectiles that follow accurate physical laws. Furthermore, the game allows you to acquire and check out such a variety of tanks and special features. After a tough war, you can upgrade your character to travel speedier, do more harm, and raise your security. As you operate your vehicle to grab riches or try to withstand the assault of Traditional infinite mode, Hills of Steel latest version features are compelling, complex tale. The greater successes you acquire, the better your chances of becoming a formidable tank leader are.

Additional Information

Name of GameHills of Steel MOD APK
Last version5.4.0
Size103 MB
MODVIP Unlocked
What’s NewArabic Language support


The game focuses on enjoyment, thus the strategy is straightforward. All you have to do is move your tank forward as well as backwards while shooting adversaries on the route. The game appears to be simple sufficient, but winning will take a long time. Since the mechanics are very accurate and hilarious. If your tank is trapped by a little incline, or a vehicle that moves on two tires like a race car, there is a great of amusement. For individuals who enjoy sports, all of them will be a great experience.

Mod Features

Intense Fighting 

Gamers will join a battle with some other vehicle warriors throughou the game, and maybe you will strive to wipe them out with your tank and weaponry with various characteristics. Within the game, the concept is quite comparable to combat games, with each participant having their own health indicator. It is perfectly reasonable, and they’ll have to deal with a number of issues. In a 2D world, players will operate the avatar using simple and understandable keys. The game’s landscape isn’t as barren as you may imagine, although it will be tough. It may be claimed that you might need to determine the characteristics of the vehicle you are handling properly and quickly.

Success in a Variety of Game Modes

You may pick the appropriate gameplay for you after this game, which is also a means to achieve particular progress in the game. The very first option to highlight seems to be the 1vs.1 combat mode, in which you face off against other gamers inside an order to garner. You may improve your rank by participating in these battles, which is also a motivator to keep playing. In contrast, there seems to be an Adventure mode in which you will not face off against other gamers, but rather strive to eliminate the opponents that emerge next to you in order to get the best outcomes.

Several Kinds of Vehicles Are Upgraded

Each armor type has a unique talent that you may discover in Steel MOD, yet mastering it is not simple. In some battles, you’ll receive a package that contains tank and skill pieces. You may raise troops with different factions and attributes if you collect a particular number of tank parts. As a result, tanks with computational physics designs may emerge in Hills of Steel mods gaming.ru. Furthermore, although each modification costs such a quantity, you can acquire additional parts of vehicles or talents to improve their potency. You must improve the car’s fundamental abilities.

Get Surprising Components

The player will almost certainly acquire a certain quantity of cash and gems while playing. When you ensure victory, the boxes you receive are insufficient to obtain a certain tank. As a result, you’ll become ready to spend your assets to open some additional store boxes. They want to get the outcomes they want, thus it’s pretty unusual for them to unlock the package in Hills of Steel mod apk hack download. Furthermore, some players will spend their money on tank skins they prefer, and with the latest update, gamers may now personalize their vehicle’s aesthetic.

Simplistic Action

The simplistic action approach of the game is amazing, but it’s also highly engaging and appealing. If you enjoy Angry Animals or fuel tank Heroes, you will enjoy this game. On the mobile device, your objective is to operate a tank that moves horizontally. Although Hills of Steel 2.2.0 is free to play, you may purchase packets of money and stones to acquire or improve new vehicles.

Exciting Modes

It additionally attracts gamers by offering a variety of fun options. In fact, the game lets you to compete in 2 against 2 battles with your pals. Yet, in order to win, you must coordinate your strategies and capabilities with your colleagues. If you like a challenge, expedition level is for players. In this level, you must shoot it down all foes next to you in order to defeat the formidable monster. Since there is no time constraint in challenging expedition mode, you may easily operate the vehicle, so you can even restore broken tankers only with some few diamonds. It offers a “boss alone” option, in which you will battle a succession of highly powerful enemies.


  • The weaponry include cannonballs that are dependent on mechanics.
  • Allow entry to additional tanks and activate them.
  • Increase your warrior’s velocity and ability to move quickly.
  • Gamers can earn stuff via foes after beating them.
  • To become Commander, you must hit the highest ranking available.


The game uses a two dimensional unique appearance for its visuals on the cell phone’s longitudinal display. Despite the fact that the visual is not as accurate as Battle of Tank, the game consistently fascinates players with its vibrant and pleasant aesthetics. Tanks come in a wide range of styles and possibilities.


You may try out many stunning tank fights by playing the game “Tank Wars.” You pick a weaponry from a multitude of options, ranging from basic missiles to atomic weapons. The free shopping also includes online cooperation and a wide range of weapons modifications, all presented in stunning visuals.


  • Appealing two dimensional visuals and action that is horizontally oriented.
  • There are several gameplay modes to choose from, as well as a variety of modifications.
  • Equipment may be upgraded, and pals can be exchanged internationally.


  • There aren’t many game-changing moments.
  • After quite a lengthy period of play, it’s simple to become tired.

Modified Specifications

  • Unrestricted Diamonds.
  • There’s no necessity for a foundation.
  • Get the MOD gaming experience straight through our website.
  • SSL security in the game.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Cash without limits. 
  • VIP Unlock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can we register this game?

Because is highly recommended.

You can access it online.

No, there is no need for root.

Yes, registration from any social media account is necessary.

No. it is really only available in solitary mode, and hackers cannot compete with other people.

Mission mode throws players over the machine in such teams like the United States, Moscow, or Europe.

What's new

Adaptive zoom added to all game modes! Increased rewards in The World! General stability improved for smoother user experience.



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