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Ubisoft Entertainment
March 15, 2023
154 MB
5.0 and up
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Hungry Shark World MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) is a deep-sea adventure game. You’ll take the role of a benevolent shark who will investigate the water and consume anything in sight.


The game is created by Ubisoft. This game has been accessible for both Android and iOS, and it has a position in the global gaming industry. This game has over 100 million downloads on Google Play within nearly seven years of development, with an astonishingly high rating of 4.5 out of five stars. Take control of a perpetually hungry shark and use various methods to quell her appetite. Eat fish and attack humans, gather cash, and complete daily chores to unlock new shark species, travel to a huge and open ocean in search of food, and enjoy high-quality and gorgeous experiences.

Additional Information

DeveloperUbisoft Entertainment
Requires5.0 and up
Size 154 MB
Game online or offlineOffline

Editor’s Review:

The game is a fully functional mod. When you launch the game you will see that you have infinite money and gems. You may improve your shark to the most deadly shark by using these money. You can also consume these Hungry Shark’s Jewels to survive after your shark has died.


The latest version of the game has a basic and cooperative gameplay inside which players control your large sharks as they explore the ocean surface. Grab everything in your path and attempt to remain alive and active as you can till his hunger level reaches its maximum. Gather enough foodstuff for your sharks to develop into various approaches and get Hungry Shark Unique Capabilities by collecting enough food. Bring your sharks to the seashore and share them with as many people as you can.


The game is identical to two previous Ubisoft games, Hungry Dragon and Hungry Sharks World, because it retains the concept of hunting till death. You will take charge and consume random meat. When your energy points are dropped to 0, the game display will stop.

The mechanics of Hungry Shark World MOD APK IOS is identical to those of Media Frenzy, in which many people associate with their youth. Essentially, all you have to do is use the digital button to direct the shark’s quest for prey. You can increase your capacity to consume the fish by touching another finger on the screen. Gold Rush will activate if you have collected a particular quantity of food.

Gamers of Hungry Shark World Part 2 would not be restricted to rushing fast, being eternal for just few seconds, or converting everything into cash during the Gold Rush.

To avoid being attacked by larger sharks, you should always “shelter” the ocean to bully creatures like fish or scorpions as a kid shark. You can live longer, score higher, and grow bigger by eating little fish. The highest amount is ten. When you’ve eaten enough to reach a high level, it’s time to test who is the ruler of the ocean is by getting up close to the sea. “Can’t be beaten” is the greatest way to describe you right now.

A lot of fish species.

Many enemies of sharks.

Message from clamshells.


Hungry Shark MOD APK Visual and Sound Quality:


The 3D visuals immerse players in a genuine and precise underwater environment. Play as one of your legendary sharks and blast dazzling laser beams at your foes.


Adore the on-theme sounds while floating and consuming everything you want in MOD APK Extinction Mode with pleasing sound effects.

(Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Gems)

•        In Hungry Shark World MOD APK Unlock All Sharks Free and other spectacular species.

•        Explore Free-Roaming Landscapes above and below the waters.

•        Take in beautiful 3D images and music effects.

•        Join Baby Sharks to increase your Hunting Abilities.

•        In the upgrade great equipment like Laser beams, Jetpacks, and Helmets!

•        Find and collect submerged mystery objects!

•        Enable gold rush to live long and rank better.

•        Participate in frequent in the Game Activities to win limited edition items.

•        Play with your friends by Facebook integration.

•        Use smart touch or rotation capabilities to combat in game.

MOD Features

Some fascinating features of the game are mentioned below with brief descriptions:

1.   Easy-to-use and control

Hungry Shark World Android exposes gamers to a handy gameplay experience where they can simply manage their sharks because of its easy and reliable control system.

2.   Unlock All Sharks and acquire a large number of unique sharks.

Furthermore, while you’re engrossed in the fascinating action, you’ll be able to gather variety of thousands shark types. To add amazing sharks to your collection, complete the levels and quests to unlock all sharks.

3.   Surround yourself with strange creatures and consume them.

Furthermore, as you explore throughout the vast ocean, players will meet hundreds of various fascinating animals. Be cautious while playing the game, since some of them may be highly hazardous for baby sharks if they go too close.

4.   Grow and groom your own baby sharks.

You can also choose to grow and teach baby sharks while they’re weak to decide their competent.

5.   Equip amazing gear for your sharks.

You may also boost your sharks’ abilities by equipping them with cool clothing and shoes. During playing your sharks using spectacular weaponry like laser beams or rockets and use them to annihilate your opponents.

6.   Travel the seas in search of sunken treasure. Extra Objects

Numerous Mysteries still lie under the ocean’s surface, waiting to be discovered. Get them and you’ll be able to open important goods to aid you in your journeys.

7.   Assist your sharks in evolving and gaining new abilities.

It’s critical that you acquire sufficient resources to assist your sharks in evolving and unlocking several Secret Abilities. Explore the alternatives for World and take control of the ocean floor.

8.   Play through a variety of tasks to have a better understanding of the game.

Completing the thrilling tasks of varying difficulty is a must to have fun with Hungry Shark World.

9.   While the random attacks, activate power increases.

While playing the Latest Version stay in the game longer, and maybe you’ll be able to acquire sufficient foodstuff to satiate your appetite.

10.       Take part in fascinating activities and win great prizes.

Gamers of the Hackeado will be introduced to fascinating events where they will have the opportunity to win important prizes. You’ll also get your daily incentives just by playing the game.

MOD APK Version

There are two forms of money. It’s all about gold and diamonds. Each coin has its own impact, and starting with a significant sum of money will allow you to quickly enhance many of the game’s fascinating features.

Download for Android

Summer is approaching, so why not install the game to your phone right now? Get moving, the water is calling your name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question No. 1:

How to install and use the MOD version?

All you have to do now is Download MOD version from Play Store and enjoy the game. There are no unique remarks found. The new version is very easy to use.

Question No. 2:

Does MOD APK support the Android version?

Yes, it supports the Android version.

Question No. 3:

Is it offline or online?

You can also play it Offline.

Question No.4:

How to get unlimited pearls?

Pearls are exclusively found in Extinction Mode.

Question No. 5:

How to get gems and coins fast?

You can get unlimited pearls and coins by using MOD feature Unlimited Gems and Unlimited Coins.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All you have to do now is Download Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK from Play Store and enjoy the game. There are no unique remarks found. Hungry Shark Evolution MOD Version is very easy to use.

Yes, Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK Android Version is also available.

You can also play Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK Offline.

What's new

Merry Christmas from the team! This year we’ve got several improvements: -UI improvements for Extinction mode -Improvements on promotional offers displayed -Bug fixes



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