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Editor’s Review

       Coming out of the Zombie’s magic which has been the major trait in every other survival game. But this Jurassic Survival Mod APK deals in something more serious and deadly which has actually become extinct now. The overall theme of the game is similar to other surviving games where you need to build your own shelter, hunt animals for your food and prepare deadly weapons to shield yourself. On the other hand, hungry dinosaurs are finding their ways to hunt you to satisfy their hunger in Jurassic World Survival Mod APK. The game is inspired by Jurassic Park Movies. The settings and content have become immaculate.

About the Developer

       Mishka Production has been working since 2017 and they have produced a sum of 3 games on the play store till now. Other popular items besides the Jurassic Survival Mod APK are Cube Survival Story and Board Heroes League. The current game has got 10M+ downloads from Google Play with 3.8 average ratings. If we look at it over the App Store it puts up a good show with 4.1 average ratings.

Game Specs

NameJurassic Survival APK
SizeVaries with devices
Release dateNovember 2001
RequirementVaries with devices
Ratings3.8 @ Playstore & 4.1 @ App Store
DeveloperMishka Production
PublisherMishka Production
RootNot Required

Serious Gameplay

       After you download the Dinosaur Simulator Jurassic Survival Mod APK game, a brief tutorial will guide you on how to play this action game on your android. When you find yourself on a mysterious island, your initial goal is to build a shelter in order to protect yourself from various kinds of hungry dinosaurs. Hunt for food and drink like we do in other games to keep us energetic. You will come across other players too. There are two options in front of you when you meet any player: cooperate with him or steal whatever he possesses. The whole gameplay of the Jurassic Survival Mod APK Mod Menu takes you to the Dinosaur’s Era which disappeared centuries ago. The whole story revolves around surviving besides performing different assignments.

Make Dinosaurs your Shield

       Dinosaurs are the mighty creatures that are impossible to handle by human. You need to find ways how to tackle giant dinosaurs smartly. You have to tame your dinosaurs in Jurassic Survival Mod APK Moddroid to fight with other carnivorous dinosaurs and protect you. But you can grow and tame tyrannosaurus in order to engulf your rival dinosaurs in an unusual way.

Look for Resources

       Life resources are crucial in order to keep your energetic so that you can fight and survive longer in the Jurassic Survival Mod APK Free Shopping game. You are stranded on an island and surrounded by wild beasts. You have to fight with them to protect you from getting hunted at times. But you are required to perform your duties with excellent skills and agility. Always keep on your toes and create advanced weapons too in order to hunt various wild animals for your food in the Jurassic Survival Mod Menu. Be closer to pure water because you will need drinking water time and again.

Build your Base

       Shelter is the most essential part in order to get you protected from mighty dinosaurs. You can build your base in order to make the safest crafting platform. After building your bases in the Jurassic Survival Mod APK Free Craft game, you need to develop the defense system so that it would protect you from various attacks. You can build your fortress too by collecting useful building material. Likewise, place fence systems so that dinosaurs won’t step over your fences.

Other features of the Jurassic Survival Mod APK God Mode game are as follows

  • Craft your own lethal weapons
  • Build a Whole new World in the game
  • Make a Team of Helpful Dinosaurs
  • Apply the Best Strategy to deal with Numerous Powerful Dinosaurs
  • Upgrade your character timely to Enhance his damaging skills
  • Become the Expert hunter
  • Enjoy Delighted visuals and Dinosaurs’ Era
  • It’s time to discuss some of the mod features of Last Day on Earth Jurassic Survival Mod APK game.

One Hit Kill

       The best mod feature of the game is to kill the mighty and lethal creatures with one-hit kill only. Sometimes, you come across giant-sized powerful rivals in the Jurassic Survival Mod APK All unlocked game that drags all your health. By using one-hit kill, you can kill any monster sized dinosaur instantly. This whole process will save you time and energy.

Mod Features of the Game

Jurassic Survival Mod APK Unlimited Health

       Your character’s health is the top thing that can’t be compromised. If the health falls to zero your character will die and your mission will end unsuccessfully. If you are out of one-hit kill or game resources then it would become much more difficult for you to survive. But our game mod provides you unlimited health as you enjoyed in Jurassic Island 2 Survival Mod APK to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Jurassic Survival Mod APK Unlimited Coins/Money/Everything

       Game resources are essential for advancing swiftly in the game. Such resources which include coins, money, gems, crystals, etc help us a lot in the game. We can unlock many tools and upgrade our hero by utilizing all such stuff. You will also be able to get Jurassic Survival Mod APK Free Purchase if you get unlimited resources.

No Ads

Ads are always disturbing and they will not let you settle down to play with ease. So, the Mod version of the game will provide you with ad-free gameplay. So, download now.

How to Download Jurassic Survival APK 2023

       After reading the detailed analysis of the latest surviving game it’s time to download and enjoy it to the fullest. Click on the download button located under the featured image. The action will redirect you to a new page for downloading the game in the same manner you downloaded the Jurassic Island Survival Mod APK game. Wait for a few seconds and then click on the newly established download link. The downloading process will begin and it will take a couple moments depending upon your Wi-Fi speed.


       Survival against zombies, dinosaurs, wild beast etc is always fascinating and encouraging. The narrative of this cutting-edge Mod game is also unique as you find yourself on an island where you have to deal with various deadly creatures. This game also asks you to follow some guidelines for surviving and completing your quests positively. You have to go through much in the game like hunting, exploring, crafting, dealing with dinosaurs etc. This game has a charming theme like Jurassic Island 2 Lost ARK Survival Mod APK.


The Installation process is also straightforward like the downloading process. Clear your game cache if you have ever downloaded and played it earlier on your mobile. After you download is completed, disconnect your cell phone from the internet. Now open the installer and run the process. Let the latest version get installed on your android. Now open the app and enjoy it without any hindrance.

What's new

— Season 5 starts in the jungle.
— Technology of constructing pedestals with skeletons of dinosaurs, giving buffs discovered.
— Challenges on the new location Hunting Grounds are waiting for daredevils! Fight with the most dangerous dinos, complete quests and dig up valuable bones.
— New stealth armor and a powerful bow.



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