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2 March 2022
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Kingdom rush vengeance mod apk iconic tower defense game is back, and it’s more thrilling than ever. This time, you’ll take on the role of Vez’nan’s malevolent wizard, who seeks revenge and devastation on those who have turned against him. It’s time to take on the Kingdome Rush series in an unusual setting. You may learn more about this wonderful game by reading our reviews.


With a few minor alterations, It takes place in the classic areas of prior Kingdom Rush games. In this game, you’ll take on the role of the crafty magician Vez’nan, who aims to destroy the world as we know it with his formidable army.

It’s time to gather your monsters, assemble your army, and prepare to fight the adversaries while blocking their attacks. Explore this updated game as you lead your army over the regions.

Additional information

Name of Game Kingdom Rush Vengeance Mod Apk
Last version1.12.4
Size 763 MB
MOD  Unlimited Money, Towers & Heroes
What’s NewFixed Bugs


Here are some of the best features in the latest installment of the famous series Kingdom rush vengeance unblocked

New towers with powerful abilitiesVengeance Mod Apk

Players of the game will have access to a plethora of distinct towers with strong powers, including over 17 new towers and dozens of old ones from prior games in the franchise. Some of them even have special abilities that you’ll find quite handy.

Combine new tower sets to create strong compositions

And, with so many distinct towers at their disposal, gamers will have plenty of opportunities to delve into Kingdome Rush Vengeance best towers. You’ll find alternative development paths for your towers as well as new defence combinations here. Choose the best coms and smash your opponents.

Send your forces across the three domains

Kingdom rush vengeance strategy asks you to complete 19 tough and interesting stages while travelling around the kingdom’s three areas. Each terrain has unique qualities that make dealing with it incredibly challenging. Keep in mind that the tasks for you and your army may vary based on the terrain. As a result, make certain that you have the appropriate towers and warriors.

Unlock and put great heroes to good use

Here in this game, beside the towers and minions, you’ll also be assisted by the mighty heroes who are capable of stopping a whole army. That being said, there are currently 10 powerful heroes ready to be command by you. Use their formidable assaults and defences to halt the enemy and clear the way for your towers to pour down fire.

Take down some of the most resilient enemies

With over 40 distinct foes to face, each one more formidable than the last, you’ll need to use your brains and tactical talents to the fullest. Put your skills to the test as you face off against formidable opponents capable of annihilating your unprepared troops.

Go against the powerful kings

Their nasty adversaries are accompanied by their Kings. These formidable entities pose significant risks to your army and must be defeated at any cost. Use your fire powers to battle with the game’s deadly monsters.

Investigate new talents and abilities that may be used to eliminate foes.

Along with formidable towers, useful minions, and magnificent heroes, players in the game have access to additional powers and reinforcements that can come in handy in specific scenarios. Make proper use of them, and you may be able to easily win your war.

Accessories and gear to help you win fights

Players may utilize the 10+ trinkets and relics that have specific powers to make their heroes and towers more capable when fighting with challenging adversaries. Each can deliver boosts and upgrades to a specific member of your army, making it more powerful.

Explore the exciting upgrade options

In addition to the beneficial equipment, you may strengthen your defence by conducting tactical upgrades on some of your towers, minions, or heroes. This makes them more competent of coping with difficult opponents. However, you must select wisely since you cannot improve the entire army with your present resources.

Complete achievements and missions for valuable rewards

Players in Kingdome Rush Vengeance review will have a plethora of achievements and quests to complete. Finish them and you’ll have access to a plethora of varied prizes, such as upgrades, boosts, and stuff.

Play the game completely offline

If you frequently play the game on your way to work and can’t manage to locate a suitable area to acquire a Wi-Fi connection, don’t panic. Kingdom rush vengeance mod apk can be played totally offline, and your progress will be saved whenever you connect to the internet, making it ideal for regular journeys.

Visual and sound quality


The art styles are similar to those seen in earlier versions. It’s extremely easy, yet straightforward and welcoming to players of all ages. In fact, you may play the game with your family members as well.

Furthermore, the streamlined visuals help players to rapidly observe what is going on the battlefield, allowing for quick and precise judgments.

Finally, the seamless gameplay will provide enjoyable sensations. You may play the game on many devices without worrying about hardware limitations.


Accurate sound effects will give you the impression that you are truly in command of your forces. Every enemy strike is visible and audible to your eyes and hearing. Furthermore, the strong music draws you into the game.

How to Install Mod and OBB Data File

1. Download and install the APK on your smartphone.

2. Unzip the OBB file into /Android/obb/

3. Make that the OBB file ( is located in the folder.

4. Restart the game. Enjoy!

Download the newest versions Android APK

The game with unlimited gold feature is unquestionably a terrific game for lovers of tower defence games. This game is undoubtedly what any Android player is seeking for, with exciting gameplay, a plethora of discoverable features, and a plethora of fun components.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the best Heroes of mod apk latest version?

It contains a plethora of strong Heroes, some of the game are mentioned below:

Dark Horseman

Siege Tank

Black Dragon

Orc Gladiator

What will I get in this sport?

We had unlocked all of the heroes and offered the game for free.

Check out the list below for further information.

Free Download

Unlocked Heroes

Unlimited Gold

Infinite Skills

Which towers deliver the most serious damage to the enemies?

Specters Mausoleum, Rotten Forest, Grim Cemetery, and many others are among the towers in the game that have special talents and have dealt the most damage to the enemy rally.

Does this game contain Ads?

Because Kingdom Rush Vengeance is ad-free, the gameplay quality and gaming experience are amazing.

What's new

Bug Fixes and Improvements



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