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Introduction about Metal Slug Attack MOD APK

Metal Slug Attack MOD APK is a tower defense game .the very legendary game series from SNK playmore, this is a fighting game where you must have to defeat to the enemies & included 2-D dot-pixel characters who move and  battle with others,

Metal slug controls all the construction & destruction of massive structures with powerful must control the safety of the turners . control and manage your unit through the mission chain .it’s all depends on the capability or power skill of each player .

One of the important functions is working hard to build strong towers. & preferences of each player included in the team. Metal slug attack mod apk have many mods


Last version 7.5.0
Size135 MB
MODUnlimited Tanks


You can play in main mode attack, combat school special ops or team battle . In this game , you can use it to shop for optional items, including weapons equipment. Apps will not be reduced even if your app balance is zero.

In the game there are a lot of different units , each has its own function skill, characters which automatically activate when they have enough energy.

When battle starts, you and your opponent will accumulate ap points (currency) when you destroy the enemies your points will increase faster. In the screen above, you can observe the health status of the tower and an overview map.

Army units 

Metal slug attack is a defense strategy game, in the game army units are the most important force for you and your team. Which controls all tactics, you don’t need to do anything else .Instead you just select the right unit , so they can reach the enemy’s towers  to fight them.

 Metal slug attack mod apk  has a lot of specifications which is mentioned above its a strategy game , game controls the construction and destruction of massive structures with powerful cards. When you play a game with this specification you will definitely love the game ,whoever likes the strategy game , they must download the metal Slug game . Players mostly love these types of challenging games.

About the game features

Simplified control

A plethora of missions

Improve your  units

Worldwide battles

Play in co-op with brother- in arms 

No ads 

Unlimited money 

Collect materials for new research

Control the safety of the turners

Unit management through the mission chain

Enjoy expanding battle 

Construction or treatment 

Metal slug attack mod apk having a lot of features mentioned above :

This is the very latest entry in the legendary game series from SNK . in the game no worries about the adds , it is simplified control game which depend improvement your unit, when you get defeat your enemies you will get points & because of points currency you get an option of getting different  weapons , this is a worldwide battles where you should  be an active  & can also play with a strong strategy . you must manage unit management through the mission chain. You must have a chance to avail unlimited money , unlocking weapons & characters as well. 

Ads Removed 

Games involve emotion , mostly players are involved in a game like, they are in another environment when players fall in love with a game they don’t care about anything surrounding him/her. In these type of situation nobody will like interruption due to ads during game play, ads basically an advertisement, ads is an element of disturbance when player attached in playing game & suddenly ads appear , this is very annoying moment mostly player break their attention & focus level due to disturbance of ads .This app is proving ads free game where you can play in comfort zone & with full of freedom ads can’t irritate you during game play. you can constantly maintain your focus level & stability . Players love to play without ads gameplay & can enjoy a lot without wasting time because of ads .

Metal Slug Attack MOD APK Unlimited money 

All games have different strategy & specification along with different features , but Metal Slug Attack MOD APK is the latest with the modded game , which gives you bundles of features along with unlimited money . 

In this game you can avail the opportunity of unlimited money  but you must do specific action in the game which is an important & essential for the player , when you will defeat enemies you can earn a lot of points (currency) . You can also upgrade your level by earning points. but you must defeat  enemies, you will get unlimited money . 

Unlimited money plays an important role in the game , you can purchase a weapon with money for playing  well. And also you can increase characters in your team by purchasing . You must use money very carefully because the weapons are costly as well . Each weapon has its own function .It may help you alot in this strategy game .

How To Download Metal Slug Attack MOD APK

If you are looking for a game to have fun at your leisure time, you will definitely go to metal slug attack mod apk. This game may give you fun visuals, and lots of missions to do .

Because the download process is very easy you can download metal slug game in android & pc as well by very simple way . For installing the game you can follow some important steps .

Which are mentioned below:

> click the download button for downloading the game .

> you will redirected to the downloading page 

> it will start downloading on your android device.

> Enjoy the metal slug attack mod apk without ads.


     Yes , metal slug attack mod apk is an ads free game.

     Metal slug attack belongs to the genre of real-time  strategy games.

Metal slug attack mod apk consists of a number of levels has a                                    different  mission to offer to the player.

What's new

Updates in Ver 7.2.0: Added Extra Ops Added new units Updated Mystery Crank Added contents to the Dress Up Updated Shops Please enjoy METAL SLUG ATTACK.



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