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Warner Bros. International Enterprises
March 16, 2023
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Editor’s Review

If you think yourself the best combatant who has got the guts to defeat their opponent by giving them potent punches, powerful blows, forceful strokes, and vigorous kickbacks and has some other heroic abilities to knock them down then you must play MORTAL KOMBAT MOD APK sometimes wrongly spelled as Motor Comeback X for battle of the Realms. The game is recommended for over 17 because of the content and the bloodshed that the game comprises of. It has got the potential to make you its addict. It demands you to prepare your best team before getting into the arena for a combat by choosing your best players.

Additional Information

APP NAMEMortal Kombat Mod Apk
DEVELOPERSWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

About the Developers

The Video game is developed by one of the most renowned developers of modern times – Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment (WB) – which is an American Video Game Publisher founded in 2004. The game was initially released in April 2015 as a perfect video game for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Android and iOS version was launched later in May same year.  The game has been downloaded 50M times plus from Google Play with average ratings of 4.3/5. On the other hand at App Store it can be located on 11th in the list of Card games with average 4.6 out of 5 overall ratings. Most importantly, the game has won “The Game Award 2015” for Best fighting game which shows the potential of the game.

Game Play of MKX Mod APK (Unlimited Souls)

It allows 2 players to interact and have a duel. You can invite your friend as your opposition or CPU is always there for you to play against it and beat the Computer. While playing, you can observe the change in energy meter which is divided in 3 sections and makes you capable of performing various tasks and special moves. Moreover, a stamina meter has also been introduced by the developer for making the game more interesting and adding spices to the fighting element of the game. This special kind of meter can be located under the health bar and will be used up when the fighter performs combo breaker and some other special techniques.

Undoubtedly it is famous for its usual fatalities where the penultimate victor performs special move at the end of the winning stage where he brutally murders the opponent.  Beside such fatalities, the game also offers a couple of finishing moves too. These pioneering moves involve Quitality and Brutality. Prior move immediately finishes the opposite player and later more is used to make a comeback. Above and beyond there are several modes that you can pick to begin the play. 1 VS 1, Faction War, etcetera.

Enjoy All Characters Unlocked

Initially the game was launched with 24 useful characters and later, 9 more characters were added with the passage of the. There are three types of characters you can easily choose among: Base Roster, Kombat Pack 1 and Kombat Pack 2. There are special characters as well that can only be purchased and you can’t have the luxury of getting them by playing and winning only. For example, Goro one of the deadly but fictional fighting characters and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to add that he is the sub-boss too of the whole X Android Hack game, was only available with pre-order bonus or can only be bought with the purchase of Kombat Pack 2.

To your surprise, our modified version will allow you to catch this sub-boss totally flat. This is the major peculiarity of Mortal Combat X Mod APK that you can save your money and enjoy the game with the same passion as others are enjoying while spending money.

Special 3 VS 3 Kombat

Besides 1 VS 1, there is another exciting and amazing 3 VS 3 brutal Kombat mode in this Mortal Kombat X Mod APK. This mode requires you to make an exceptional team consisting of three players before entering the arena. Rest of the two players can be selected randomly or you have the choice to invite 2 more friends in order to make your own perfect team in MKX Mobile Mod. The next step is to lead the team in the field for defeating the contrasting team for earning special attacks, powerful artifacts and XPs. This mode requires gathering the best of the best three combatants for proving yourself the superlative challenger on the earth.

Faction War

This is an online competitive mode where you can challenge other players while getting engaged with other teams in amazing free Unlimited Koins and Souls APK. Playing faction wars is as crucial as this mode will push your rank up in your own faction’s scorecard and will give you massive weekly prizes.

Find Allies Unlimited Money

The game’s unique feature is to find your allies and summon them in the battle for getting assisted against your rivals. You can search for players so that they may lend you special combatants for striking the final and decisive kick in the teeth to your foes.

Experience Difficult but Rewarding Challenges of MKX Mod APK (Unlimited Souls)

There are plenty of tough stages and missions awaiting you. You can play series of contests for proving your worth and acquiring new to your rosters. Like most games, a new but tough challenge is always offered every week with great rewards too. Now, it’s up to you how much skill and talent you have got for completing the weekly challenge and earning a handsome reward. Moreover, there are daily challenges and tournaments as well that can gross you the best rewards after successfully accomplishing them.

Customize the Game to GetUnlimited Money and Souls to Your Taste

If you Download from Play store or app store then you must unlock unique character modifications first in Feats of Strength for moulding the game according to your own style. You have to wait for conquering such stages for styling the game and colouring your favourite characters in your own manner. If you fail in doing so you can’t modify it in your peculiar way. But downloading the game will never ask you to conquer such battles first and customize later. In fact, you can customize the game once you download this latest mod apk 2021 in your Android and enjoy playing it too without any limitations.

Exciting and Challenging

This action game is exceptionally challenging with 130+ MK11 characters. No other game can offer so many fighting characters with other extraordinary moves and challenges. You can battle out with other players around the globe for looting their resources and assets. Mortal Kombat’s Fatalities, astounding graphics, and top class feats will definitely make you obsessive.

Unlimited Souls/Coins/Ally Credit

Progressing in the game at the same pace would become tough when you don’t have enough coins for buying souls, coins, ally credit and other useful items. Such crucial items are no doubt important as well for giving tough time to your rivals. You won’t be able to get free coins, cash and other credit when you download from Google Play or the app store. The other legitimate option is to spend your wallet on in-app purchases that would be pretty costly. We are pleased to inform you that you must get carefree and install from our site and get Unlimited Souls, Coins, Ally Credit and many more. Everything will be provided totally free to our worthy customers.

Ads Removed

We are here with the solution of playing Ads-Free Mortal Kombat Mod APK. Unquestionably, Google ads will distract you and certainly become the cause of losing concentration and interest in this top notch game. You must be pleased when you play this fighting game without running into ads, as our team has fixed this problem for enthusiastic game lovers in order to experience nonstop gameplay.

Final Words

As discoursed earlier, the game has got violent graphics and bloodshed so it is only recommended for 17 and above. Each and everything including numerous striking modes, sound, graphics, content and other game features are captivating. These features of the game ask the gamers to invite their pals, build their best team and compete with their enemies and try to knock them out of the contest.

How to Install the game Mobile Mods?

The procedure to download Mortal Kombat X for Android is literally simple and hassle free.

I)      Just click the download button under the featured image.

II)     You will be redirected to a new page in a new tab install the game.

III)    It will take 5-10 seconds for generating downloading link so please be patient.

IV)   Click that link and downloading will begin.

V)   Enjoy the game.


Who is the Best Character in MK X?

Ans: the answer to this question is not simple but we can provide you the scores of some high rated characters so that you may judge the best character yourself.

i)      Ermac          (Mystic)               521.4

ii)     Alien            (Acidic)                519.2

iii)    Shinnok        (Imposter)           519.0

iv)    Sonya           (Demolition)        515.9

v)     Kano            (Cutthroat)          514.2

What type of game is this?

Ans: It belongs to the Arcade Fighting Game Category. This is in true sense a battle game recommended for 17+ because of its theme, content and the violent action it offers. So, you must follow the age restriction strictly while going after Mortal Kombat Mod APK Unlimited Money and Souls 2021.

What's new

Voted one of the most wanted characters by the community, Diamond MK11 SINDEL makes her mobile debut. The former Queen of Edenia will stop at nothing to keep her place of power and privilege. Reach the top of the new DARK QUEEN’S TOWER to earn a guaranteed Diamond with a chance at MK11 Rain. Plus, two new BRUTALITIES. We’ve also added sliders to save time leveling up Characters, upgrading passives, supports, and specials! Full Patch Notes:



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