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Pixel Gun 3D
March 17, 2023
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Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK enables you to defeat your enemies and succeed by unlocking features such as Unlimited Coins/Gems/Money.

Additional Information

S.NGame NamePixel Gun 3D MOD APK
3Latest version23.1.3
4Size1.4 GB
5Mod feature     Unlimited Coins Gems
7GenresShooting Games
8  priceFree


Pixel Gun 3D: FPS Shooter & Battle Royale are two of the top Smartphone action games available on the Google Play Store. It has gained a lot of traction in recent years, winning the Google Store’s editors’ choice award. It’s also regarded as a fantastic first-person multiplayer shooting game with numerous innovative features.

There are over 800 different and strong weapons in the game, as well as 40 essential gadgets and equipment, 10 different game modes, interesting mini-games, and much more to enjoy.


Pixel shooting games are famous for a long time because they provide great gameplay, atmosphere, and game materials. Furthermore, while playing these games, you may acquire a variety of skills such as teamwork, strategy, and other techniques that you can apply in real life. As a result, games like Minecraft, Indiana Jones League, and have become quite popular thanks to technological advancements. These games are highly styled and produced with the highest quality visuals and sound.

This is the game that you can play on your Android device. A mix of Minecraft and the majority of battle royal games. This gives it a distinct aesthetic rather than simply duplicating other survival games. Is it, however, worth your time? Let’s see what we can find out!


Aside from the visuals, the gameplay is similar to that of most other battle fighting games. A match consists of 100 players slugging it out on an island after an aircraft has dropped them off. Then it’s up to you to gather resources and make it through this hard terrain. The main distinction is that, while other fighting games focus on realism, this one caters to Minecraft fans.

However, if you’re searching for a fresh take on the popular battle fighting genre, this is your best chance! It has unique gameplay and characteristics which aren’t available in other games. Also there are several other features within that game that you haven’t seen before. Keep reading to learn more!


Despite the fact that this game has a traditional battle royal premise, it has a plethora of elements that it excels at. The ultimate version has the following features:


The system is simple and auto in this game, as they are in most others. On the side of the display, you have a digital remote touch button to operate your hero. The buttons for firing, reloading, leaping, and emoticons are then added.

The mod menu has a large number of maps to choose from, with over 30 to choose from. As each map is thoughtfully crafted and revolves around a common topic, you will not be bored for long.

Different game types

You’re mistaken if you believe this is just another battle royal game! Apart from fight, Pixel Gun Game also has Multiplayer and other modes.

Cool goods

This game shines in all areas, particularly guns and gadgets! Jetpacks, energy shields, and other equipment are available. The weaponry are also not to be missed, since there are over 200 to choose from. This means you have an endless number of methods to defeat your opponent and emerge triumphant!

Outfits and pets

There are more than 180 distinct costumes to choose from money hack! To terrify your competitors into death, dress up as a bandit, a superman, or even a ghost! Apart from that, you can have pets! You can obtain cats, dogs, and even unicorns as pets!

Stunning 3D Visuals

This game’s graphics aren’t as good as Fortnight or PUBG. But that is because it aspires to be unique! It features 8-bit pixel graphics, yet it is well-designed and has a contemporary feel to it. So, if you’re thinking that this game is poor just because of its aesthetics, you’re mistaken. In terms of visuals, it appears to be a carbon replica of Minecraft. But, for the first time, it included the battle royal genre!

Tips for Playing

Pixel Gun 3-dimensional

Battle Royale games have gone a long way since their inception. The goal is to survive as long as possible while outwitting 99 other players. Even for seasoned players, though, this is a difficult endeavor. As a result, we’ve come to give you some advice!

Aim to reach level 2 as quickly as possible after downloading the game. This is because, after you reach level 2, you may access the game’s many modes. You’ll defeat enemies in the the game Arena Mode, which might earn you a lot of money. This is the most effective method of earning money and progressing in the game.

Take as many headshots as possible

Headshots get more points than other body parts, like in other shooting games. This is because this is among the most difficult places to aim at. In the game, you’ll gain more points if you target more shots, helping you to unlock additional goodies. Try to aim for headshots as often as possible, since this will considerably increase your prizes.

Collect in-game currency

Unlike other games has six currencies! That contains unlimited keys, money, diamonds, tickets, ribbons, and medals, among other things. These are used to buy firearms and other stuff at the shop. So strive to accomplish tasks and score headshots as often as possible to get more of these. These are your game’s money; without them, you won’t be able to progress or buy items.

Know your weaponry

It’s critical to understand your weapon in every shooting game, including this one. This game has a number of weaponry, and it’s your responsibility to figure out how to use them successfully.

Mod Menu and Unlimited Coins + Gems

If you don’t want to be limited in terms of firearms and other goods, get the limitless ammunition mod today and take control of the hill!


You must utilize your gaming abilities to fire down your foes while following the journey of the game’s main character. There are no auto-aim or auto-shoot options; everything demands careful calculation and rapid thought to get you closer to your objective.

Aside from the single-player story, the Pixel Gun Hacked Version 3D game also includes a variety of offline and online gaming types.

Overall, the gameplay is extremely enjoyable; it’s both interesting and addicting. You’ll have the thrill of discovering stuff that you won’t find in any other FPS game if you play offline.


If you like online multiplayer games, you’ll get a taste of the thrill and chaos of a pixelated Battle Royale game. Here are a few of its cool features that you might be interested in:


Experience the newest Pixel Unlocked all guns 3D game on Mobile.

Fantastic Prizes:

Protect yours and pillage the loot of others for fantastic prizes.


In the intense Pixel Gun MOD APK offline adventure, you may experience the Pixel Gun Zombie apocalypses.

Distinct Pixel Game:

There are up to 11 distinct game types of the hack APK to choose from.


Large maps with up to 30+ sites can be found.


Raise your pets to assist you in battles.


You may make your own products.

Pixel Gun Action game:

This is an action game with blocky graphics.

Mod Features

Pixel Gun Unlimited Costumes:

Put on whichever costume you like.

Pixel Gun Hack Version:

With hack version, you’ll have unrestricted access.

Online and offline:

Both multiplayer modes are available.

Unlimited Weapons:

A wide range of weapons, tools, and maps are available.

Block Game:

A blocky game that has been recreated and is packed with features.

Pixel Infinite Ammo:

With this game, complete all of the difficult stages.

Pixel Gun Mine craft:

You are no longer need to reload.

Ads Free Game:

There are no commercials in this version.


The game has a nice pixelated visual design that is reminiscent to the popular mine craft pixel game. Despite being a first-person shooter, the graphics lacks blood and gore images. As a result, it’s suitable for players of all ages.

Furthermore, while using pixel visuals, the lighting effects of Pixel 3D gunfire and weapon battles are fairly realistic.

The whole gaming experience is also fairly remarkable, since the game runs smoothly throughout. 

The Final Word

Do you have a thing for blocky videogames or Mine craft-style games? If your answer is yes, then download the game right now, as you can see after reading the text how excellent this game is. You can take use of all of the aforementioned features while also earning a lot of money to buy in-game goods. Now is the time to get it and enjoy it!!!

What's new

UPDATE 22.2.1 The antidote for mutations is developed and ready to use! NEW – New Graffiti feature. Add new сrazy colours to Pixel Gun world – New Antidote Season. Cure the zombie virus! – New mode selection screen – New Map: Biohazard – New Mini-Game: Red Light FREE PLAY NEW TASK SYSTEM – Complete tasks and get Pixel Bucks – Use Pixel Bucks to rent cool transport – Stylish quad bikes included IMPROVEMENTS – Minor gadgets rebalancing – Other Improvements



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