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March 17, 2023
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Punch Hero MOD APK is a free Android and iOS fighting game by GAMEVIL. This is one of the most entertaining and addicting boxing games I’ve ever played. Punch-Out!!! The legendary boxing game series and the last arcade game series released by Nintendo in the 1980s – served as inspiration for the game. This game will expose you to powerful blows, fighters’ yells, the heat of thousands of fans, fractured bones, and so on.


On mobile, the ultimate boxing game! In this all-immersive mobile boxing game, come swing your fists. In the Training Center, hone your jabs, hooks, and uppercuts while collecting unique talents and power techniques in the Skill Store. It is both addicting and hard, and it’s presented in humorous 3D. This is a boxing game with many modes of play and configurable choices that will keep you entertained for hours!

Additional Information

App NamePunch Hero MOD APK
Publisher    GAMEVIL
MOD InfoUnlimited Money



As you fight your opponent, deliver quick jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and vicious knockout punches.


Dress your character in the Costume Shop with items that improve performance, such as a gnarly beard or some cool shades.


As you level up and refine your jabs, hooks, and uppercuts, fight new competitors in Arcade Mode, Amateur Mode, and Pro Mode.


Create your own challenger in Challenger Registry and throw your buddy (or foe) into the ring. In the virtual ring, put their photo in the frame and battle them.


In Punch Hero Graveyard Mode, you may play one-on-one with all other players or with your friends via Game Center.


The visuals aren’t very stunning at first sight. Despite the 3D visuals, it appears to be outdated and lacks the sharpness of modern games. However modded APK is quite enjoyable and addictive. The boxers’ styles were different and made me laugh. When you fight or knock out opponents, several distinctive effects indicate agony, such as a bleeding or bruised face. The game’s sound is likewise straightforward, with punches, cries from the audience, and some music at the conclusion.

Create your boxer

You may build a character and select any style after joining and name it. A brilliant boxer with the beard of Santa Claus? Isn’t he a dashing young man with good hair? You may also build unique characters such as pirates, robots, and superheroes. Punch Hero Obb main currency is gold. They assist you in purchasing stuff from the store or improving your stats. Gold may be gained through competition or the purchase of gold packets using real money. Punch Hero Unlimited Cash might help you if you enjoy shopping but don’t have a lot of gold. The mod version allows you to shop for whatever you want with the game’s infinite money. To purchase in-game things, you must first attain the requisite level.


In the Arcade mode, your goal is to control your character and defeat 18 other boxers. You can go on to the next task after defeating a man. Your opponent can be a boxer, a pirate, a robot, or even a soul, and they are all very intriguing. Your opponent, no matter who he is, has flaws. You must identify each opponent’s strengths and weaknesses in order to eliminate him.

The latest version is satisfactory. It is simple to play yet difficult to win, in my opinion. To make a hook punch, swipe left, swipe up to undercut, and tabs to hit your opponent in the face. You may shield the opponent’s strikes by holding two fingers on the screen in the defensive mode. Touch the screen repeatedly to return when you’ve been defeated and the referee is counting down. You lose if you take more than 10 seconds.

Upgrade your boxers

In the zippy you could consider that this is a game that emphasizes the player’s ability, dexterity, and reflexes when playing it.


Control vibration

Full network access

Allows to utilize custom network protocols and create network sockets in the game for PC. This permission is not necessary to transfer data to the internet because the browser and other programmers provide mechanisms to do so. Change or remove the contents of your USB flash drive:

Intriguing and High-Pace Boxing Gameplay

This is a boxing combat technique in which players must hit the opponent carefully. The setting and mood become more lively and vivid than ever when all of the controls are combined. Furthermore, opponents put up a fight, giving each match a lot of promise and limitless excitement for the participants.

Immersive Control Mechanism

The characters move fluidly to give a lifelike sensation, despite the fact that the control technique places the user in a fixed third-person perspective. Meanwhile, players of the hack must coordinate their mobility with their strikes in order to build unique combos or variants that cause continuous harm to the opponent. Of course, customers may customize the control system to provide them the greatest possible control experience at their level.

Various Challenging And Funny Game Modes

The unlimited money is also a feature, since each one has a varied complexity and set of rules, allowing players to be more adaptable. The level of the opponents varies depending on the mode selected; even the awards are substantial to allow the player to progress completely in their profession. In the future, new and more difficult game modes will become available, such as during special activities or big weekly events.

Customize Your Character Vividly

The Old Version Players may modify the look of the boxer using the character customization system, which includes a variety of amusing and spectacular clothes. What’s interesting is that they can utilize personal photos of the boxers to make things feel more authentic and lively, as if they were fighting in a boxing ring. Based on the player’s history, a range of unique skins will eventually unlock; certain material is even a prize for winning tournaments or special events.

Train Your Boxer to a Nwe Extent

Players may practice in their spare time, and will bring a complicated training system for them to take advantage of. Each function in that system raises a certain character stat, making them stronger and more superior over the course of the following many bouts. In addition, the boxer can level up through a number of activities, allowing him to fight more sophisticated opponents and gain unique powers.

Settle Your Score Through Onlinr Matches

The online P2P modes also provide a fun way for players to solve problems with their friends through thrilling activities. The entire game is played in real time, and the difficulty or intensity is substantially increased because players are now competing against real humans rather than AIs. The prizes for such matches are significant, and are chosen in advance by the players as a betting component, or on a winner-take-all basis. The game’s enjoyment and elegance will provide gamers with a unique perspective on a boxing game with limitless possibilities. Furthermore, the game offers a vibrant community with plenty of fascinating things to do, including a variety of material to keep players entertained.

FAQs about Punch Hero MOD APK

Because the programmer was checked by our Anti-Malware platform and no viruses were found, its Mod is completely safe to use. AOL Active Virus Shield, AVG, Clam Antivirus, and other antivirus software are part of the platform. Our anti-malware engine identifies and filters programmers based on our criteria. As a result, download the game from our website is completely risk-free.

Overall, it is a challenging and entertaining fighting game. You may discover a lot of intriguing stuff in the game. Playing versus AI, on the other hand, might be tedious at times. We’re hoping that the online option will be updated shortly by the publisher Game Evil.

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