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14 March, 2023
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Touhou lost word mod Apk latest 2023 game is a turn-based strategy game consisting of 60 featuring players. In this amazing strategic free game a partaker is required to create a party of six players. They have got the special job to defeat a long queue of their rivals in order to proceed in the game made for android and iOS mobile models. Through defeating and advancing, they will be able to unblock and unlock higher tiers. Also try the AFK Arena Mod Apk, another exciting game.


App nameTouhou Lost Word Mod APK
GenreAnime Action
Current version1.14.0
Last update14 March, 2023
Supported devicesAndroid/ iOS
PublisherGood Smile Co. Inc
Official siteWebsite
Official social mediaTwitter/Facebook


This game is developed by Nextninja Co. Ltd. The firm was established on July 27, 2009. Kiyoyuki Yamagishi was the maiden CEO of this innovative creation born in Osaka in 1977. He himself started Next Ninja back in 2003 while studying in a university. Specifically, Good Smile Inc and Nextninja have been working together for their users and in October 2020 they had decided to launch the game based on the Touhou project series in English worldwide. They are very known developers in their nation, japan. Smile Inc Co is working as their sole publisher.


Every character that may be called your friend in the party has acquired half a dozen characteristics that are crucial in determining their fighting abilities and the damages that can be done against their enemies. These fighting qualities are coined as HP, Agility (AGI), Yin Defense (YIN DEF), Yin Attack (YIN ATK), Yang Defense (YANG DEF) and Yang Attack (YANG ATK).

Role of Cards

Besides the combat attributes discussed above, your friends have also got three types of cards that can be utilized in fighting against your rivals. These are named as spell cards, story cards and one lost word card. Initially you get 2 spell cards to begin with and advancing to the next rank will help you get 3 more cards. These cards can be used to damage your enemies’ attack and their energy can be restocked if you get an ‘s’ item dropped by your enemy.

Role of Multiple Cards

One trick should be kept in mind whilst playing Touhou mods is that multiple spell cards can be used several times in a current stage but the last word card which is a game changer and it has got maximum potential to do a great amount of damage to rivals can only be used once in the same stage. In the same stage you can’t use regular spell cards if you have used a lost word card. Regular spell cards can be turned into more powerful ones by harnessing story cards. In this way one can easily improve the characters’ strength and fighting abilities. Other tools, such as purchasing special items, engaging in small quests and services, can also be proved beneficial in attaining higher ranking and improving the player’s friends.

Role of Quests

By performing different sorts of quests the players get rewarded in terms of free coins which are very crucial for upgrading the characters and even unlocking the new ones. If you download this app from Google Play Store or App Store you have to buy coins and pay for other special items and unlocking characters. Our downloading link will give you unlimited coins that can be used to fulfil your desires of unlocking new characters any time in the game. The Tier List will also be updated for our users later in the game update.

Theme of the Game

In Touhou Lost Word Mod APK 1.9.2 free, the word of Gensokyo goes missing which is alarming and threatening for her stability. Memoryless Gensokyo wakes up in a forest with a strange diary that records all the things that she observes or experiences. She meets Raimu and Yukari. It is revealed before them that this outsider girl has emerged from a cubic sealed blue crystal. These sealed crystals can explode and prove fatal for all of them. So, Reimu and Marisa search for as many sealed crystals as they can in order to avoid major injuries. They also take the responsibility of getting their new friend back home.

Now if you want to know whether Gensokyo reached home safely just go to the downloading option and play lost word free and try to help your friend to reach home back safely. Furthermore, different players fly to different planets and universe to find the lost word that would help them solve the puzzle. There are 60 characters in all with different attributes and strength for this task. The proportion of the attributes (discussed above) must be kept in mind for advancing in the game. Let us discuss these tactics of Smile Inc mod APK briefly:


Hp means “hit point” and it is the most crucial part of any character. If this stat reaches 0, your friend is gone for the level. So be careful and always keep an eye over this term otherwise you may lose the Touhou android in seconds. Second one is agility (agi), if your friend wants to take their turn they need to have higher agility. It also keeps your friend kicking and alive in this iOS/android strategic role playing game. Next on the list is yang attack (yang atk). Yang attack in word mod means how much damage this friend can deal with. Similarly in yang defense (yang def), how much strength your friend has got to bear and suffer the damages.

On the other hand, yin attack (yin atk) increases the strength of dealing with yin damage. And the last one is yin defense (yin def) that decreases the strength of the damages your friend can suffer. Temperament is also important to consider before sending your friend to other  planets. Let me explain this for you. If one of your friends has metal and star phases temperament, it means that she can resist them and will be useful for sending it to the earth and moon. But it wouldn’t be a wise decision to send her to the sun and fire, which are not her strong points.

Detailed Chart Characters with Their Strength

Sr #Character’s NameHpAgilityYang attackYang defenseYin attackYin defense
1Reimu hakurei665091093012358551190
2Okina matara47507501580102015801020
4Kanako yasaka8200830117011209901150
5Suwako moriya61501000120010901400980
6Hieda no akyuu495083012959151155815
7Watatsuki no toyohime6500850100095015001300
8Shizuha aki55008501050100013001150
9Minoriko aki810083011007501250900
10Watatsuki no yorihime55501370100092514201075
11Doremy sweet58009801140110013301190
12Aya shamermaru4400142012009001100950
13Satori komeiji60009001390115012101050
14Koishi komeiji60009001210105013901150
15Keine kamishirasawa5500700120014258001225
17Shou toramaru5000950150011201100780
18Youmu konpaku 16000115016009001600900
19Nemuno sakata500090013507501500950
20Joon yorigami6500850157511501125900
21Shion yorigami6500850112590015751150
22Benben tsukumo5500120011507001450850
23Yatsuhashi tsukumo5500120014508501150700
24Minamitsu murasa4800132013308901150800
25Utsuho reiuji5100127014007701200790
26Yuyuko saigyouji 15875130513957251755995
29Marisa kirisame 156001130150090017001000
30Marisa kirisame 25500920129010101200930
31Ran yakumo540099013301180980890
32Sakuya izayoi4550140011959251105915
33Patchouli Knowledge4200120085012801380900
34Youmu konpaku 25050124011609401160940
35Lily white575095011501100750900
36Reisen udongein inaba51501140121010251080965
39Alice margatroid5350128089091010801220
40Medicine Malancholy465095099087011801080
41Sanae kochiya80009801000985940945
42Nitori kawashiro5300133096095011201030
43Hong meiling580092011909901230960
44Yuyuko saigyouji 253501170138012801010990
46Tewi inaba51501140121096510801025
47Sunny milk4350125012601035690895
48Luna child470085087096012201160
49Star sapphire515078012609159801035
50Remilia scarlet50001220100088013001050
51Flandre scarlet4850108011808901380950
52Yukari yakumo785085093013908401320
53Kasen ibaraki585010951285104512001105
54Fujiwara No Mokoi58001090131010508201020
55Byakuren Hijiri71501000117011307501420
56Suika ibuki660078014009101520970
57Eirin yagokoro840085015008501220800
58Kaguya houraisan5400990148010101390950
59Kosuzu motoori490090098010201280840

Chart Elaboration

If you look at the chart made for you that shows the strength of your friends are strong and weak. Eirin Yagokoro has the highest HP and tops the list with 8400. When we look at the second column of agility Aya Shamermaru is prominent with 1420. Now move on to the next column that is yang attack. We can notice that Youmu Konpaku 1 topples the list with 1600 points.

In the fourth column which is yang defense Keine Kamishirasawa has got the highest degree of defense with 1425 points. In the 2nd last column, Yuyuko Saigyouji 1 is prominent with 1755 yang attacks. And the last one is Yang defense where Byakuren Hijiri has got the maximum points of 1420. This comparative column will be helpful for you in choosing and preparing the best team that will win you the combat.

Mod Features Of The Game

After discussing the composition of the game now we will move on to the next stage where we will discuss the important features of Touhou English game mod APK 2023 latest and see what features will you get when you download it from our link.

Challenging & Exciting (unlimited crystals)

This RPG is truly thrilling, challenging, and exciting to play and even interesting. You can challenge your opponents after preparing your best team in order to defeat them and find the lost word to help getting back your friend. The game gets interesting and difficult with every passing level.

Ads Free

Honestly, ads spoil the charm, colour, beauty, attraction and excitement of the game. Repeating the same statement yet again that you have to go through ads if you free download the Mod Menu from google play store or if you are an apple user you may download it from app store. But here, you are being offered the best platform to download this exciting board game free of cost and feel free from the major game spoiling trait. Get yourself prepared to experience an ad free attribute to enjoy the true nature of the game effortlessly.

Unlimited Hero Gems/Crystals/Grad/Energy/Arth in Touhou APK Mod Menu

It is hard for beginners or newcomers to gather crystals and coins quickly to play for higher tiers. But you don’t need to be apprehended as we are here to serve you and solve your such reservations. Our downloading link will assist you in getting lost word mod APK unlimited crystals, grad, energy, characters and gems. Some of the tricks will be updated later for unlocking/unblocking new levels and characters.

If you download this android.1 app from google store or iOS you will need to spend a lot of money through credit/debit cards in order to buy coins/gems which is your only survival key in gucha system game. In case you lose you will definitely lose the crystals bought from real money. Here is the way not to worry about losing because you would get unlimited crystals, coins and gems freely from our download link. The pc app is also developed for playing on the big screen.

How to install the Touhou Lost Word Mod APK?

The downloading and installation process of the game with unlimited money and gems is literally simple and hassle free.

  1. Just click the download button under the featured image.
  2. You will be redirected to a new page in a new tab.
  3. It will take 5-10 seconds to generate the download link so please be patient.
  4. Click that link and downloading will begin.
  5. After downloading is completed in your pc or android and iOS install it in your device and enjoy playing the game. 


This anime featured role play game is very attractive to young boys and girls. Anime lovers will  surely enjoy  Touhou Lost Word Mod APK for android and iOS on their android and pc. They can build their character, purchase skins and adore them in their own style. This RPG offers you natural colours resembling real life. Cartonic touch is also provided in these 2d super graphics to attract the youngsters. Truly amazing game with such content would be an immaculate love.


How can we get crystals?

Ans: There are two types of crystals (1) seal crystals and (2) god crystals. Seal crystals can be obtained from login bonuses, clearing stages and some other methods. Whilst god crystals have to be bought early in the game then they can be obtained freely but rarely.

How can we get free coins?

Ans:  We can get coins from various activities

  1. Completing small tasks
  2. Collecting donations from the service tabs

Can be played on android?

Ans: Yes it is available to download to your android from google play and app store for apple devices.

What's new

The following improvements have been made. Improvements: - Updated Security Program.



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