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If you are a person who love to play adventurous games, then Criminal case mod apk is perfect for you. You would surely love this game. The unique thing about this game is that it makes your intellectual to next level. The reason is that after spending some time on this website, you will know a lot of information about the Game. Such as how the stuff around the dead body is presented? Is there open clue that will lead you to murderer? So in the same manner in your actual life you will start perceiving the things more consciously while in your unconscious. In short, while playing the game you have to perform a careful examination of the crime scene. So that you can figure out some solid clues that could eventually find the real killer shortly.

1 Game Name    Criminal Case  
2Price   Free
3DeveloperPretty Simple
4CategoryAdventure, Game
5Updated22 December, 2022
6Latest version2.39
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If you have watched out a lot of detective shows and movies. There’s not just Sherlock Holmes, there are tons of shows that are attracted with solving mysteries and crimes. So, there’s no wonder that mobile games are also focusing on this topic. It is a detective game that allows the user to solve different kinds of cases. It is developed by Pretty Simple & the game has reached over 100 million downloads just in Google Play Store! In this game: the mod latest version, your job is to find clues. After that you bring the suspects for analyze and to solve the case and find the murderer! If you have taste like that then read below more about criminal case Mod Menu apk!

If we talk about the plus points of this game and want to go further then it allows us to access to different platforms to save the world. In fact, all these modes are just different names of two actual mode app of this game. First one is the actual version and second one is the modified version of the game. A game lover is always looking for some extra adventure that can challenge him. So here is the game you can get. The Game is one of the best mysterious games that everyone would love to play. It is a simulation game where you feel yourself as detective. Along with having adventurous and mysterious thrilling elements that made it more interesting than others.

Games Specs

Game Play

This Game is based on solving the problems, best for both immature and experienced gamers. Firstly, you have to select the level of game like beginner, normal and expert. After that you have to select crime scene which you want to investigate. Once the crime scene you selected it was appeared to you to investigate clues will be hidden on the scene. Hints will be limited after that you have pay for money to unlock more hints needed on the crime scene. The more you solve the cases the more money you will get in the game. 

If you love to play Adventurous and mysterious games, then this mod menu apk game is for you. It is based on solving the problems, best for both immature and experienced gamers. You will learn how to play in a better way, and all secrets of the game like Unlimited Money, Cash, Stars and hints. We say Unlimited all because this Game allows you to get an unlimited joy.

The Modified Version is perfect because it is more interesting than other versions. For instance, solving the puzzle and connecting the evidence leads to find the murderer and save the world. Next, you need to make sure that everything is related in the loop manner. So that it could lead us for solving the puzzle.


You can play the game free online along with other features. Furthermore, during playing you can get Unlimited stars and energy. Here are its features:

It is actually about to Investigate Crime Scenes in an unprincipled and miserable city.

Play along with your friends to be the best detective.

Analyze samples and Examine clues to look for evidence.

Interrogate suspects and witnesses.

Bring the killer to its end for justice.

This is one of the best online Game that allows two different modes.

The latest version facilitates us with different opportunities like free energy, and unlimited money & cash & stars & hints.

One can also play the game offline & online versions.

Download the latest version for free.

You can play the game both on PC and Mobile. For instance, if you are mobile user then you can go for criminal case game download for mobile. Nevertheless, if other person is interested to play on PC, then he can download for pc as well.

Play as a Detective

If you want to play as a Detective then you have to think as a detective like to be critical in your thoughts about the clues and hints.

MOD Feature

Mod Menu

Where you can select your mod features that are more important for you

Unlimited Energy

The unlimited energy mod feature of the game provides you with more energy option to increase case solving ability.

Unlimited Stars

The mod version of the game is also gives you an option to use unlimited stars. You can get free unlimited stars by playing the game mindfully or downloading the game from the link.

Unlimited Money

Money amount can exceed to 100m or more.

Free unlimited Hints

will make the case easy to solve and find the murderer.


The Origins

The game is developed after considering the user’s point of view. For instance, how they think the crime might have been planned, organized and committed. So that is the reason, you can see there are lots of connections to the various levels of the Paris Mod apk.  Lots of people always get confused about the modified version of the pacific bay Mod apk and other. However, there is not major difference between these available versions. Even if you compare it to the number of extra benefits and features then this is the game you are looking for.


is it offline or online game?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to play it in both ways offline and online as well.

What is the role of the rings?

Answer: With the help of Gold Rings, you can unlock elite outfits in the Avatar Shop at the time when player earns a specific amount. Furthermore, the player must earn the Rings. It is necessary in order: Bronze, Silver, and then Gold.

What Was Happened on Facebook About the Game?

Answer: On February 19, 2019, the Conspiracy was officially released for the smartphones worldwide and regarding Facebook, it released 2 days later.

What is the maximum level you can approach in a Criminal Case apk?

Answer: For now, there up to 850 levels in this game.

Who created the Game?

Answer: From the backendPretty Simple” is the official developer of this game.

download is free?

Answer:Free shopping means it is free for use. All Versions are also available on play store easily.

Can we download the Game for windows?

Answer: Yes, we can download the criminal case free for windows 7. In fact, creator



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