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Max Games Studios
March 20, 2023
4.3 and up
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Editor’s Review For STICK WAR LEGACY Mod APK

       Very few games have the expertise to make players addicted. It is because of the creativity, ideas and contents that are the reason behind turning it out to be one of the best sports of the era. Stick war legacy APK Mod is truly fun which builds users interest through challenging and tactical missions. It demands the gamers to learn war arts and exercise them in order to defeat their powerful rivals. There are several realms of great weapon worshippers in the game. All of them have got their unique armours and weapons for defending and knocking their rivals off for a loop. It’s a dream of every player to overthrow their empire for proving his worth.

Game Specs

1NameStick War: Legacy APK
4Last UpdateMarch 20,2023
5Release dateOctober 30, 2015
7Requirement4.4 and up Android & 10.0 or later iOS
9Mod FeaturesFree Gems
10DeveloperMax Games Studios
13RootNot Required

Perks Of The Game

       You might have come across many fighting and severe action games. You may still remember them but I can assure you when you download. You’ll forget all those previous ones. The game asks you to build your army of upto 50 soldiers including clubman, miners, Archidon, Swordwrath, spearton, magikill, etc. They have got their unique and vital role in the game for upheaving the enemy. After becoming their commander, you have to manage your army, defend your fort and capture the rivals’ territory. Stick war Hacked APK is consequently all about dealing with many dangerous creatures and becoming the sole monarch of the whole continent.

About the Developer of STICK WAR LEGACY Mod APK

       Stick War: Legacy APK belongs to Max Games Studios. They have successfully given birth to dozens of top-notch games. Their five games can be seen at Google Play being the best. This game has been downloaded 100M+ plus with average ratings of 4.6 out of 5. Moreover, the game’s Mod 999 Army stands on 88th position in the adventure list of Apple Store. Overall, the theme of the game is a bit like an ancient attack that would have fought the battle with swords, spears etc. but it also includes some supernatural powers for adding fuel to fire.

       After going through a thorough game introduction, developer’s overview and game specs, let’s dig deeper in the game for bringing out the hidden elements and features for our users.


       The game begins with a couple of miners that do the mining work in order to earn for feeding and building the army. In the beginning, mostly the dictator starts the game with only 500 coins. The respected miners mine for building the empire. But their mining rate remains slow. Therefore, you have to utilise 500 coins shrewdly. Try building more miners first for fueling the economic process in Cheat Stick War Legacy. After they begin making money for you then you can consume the money for creating different types of soldiers for strengthening your army.

Collecting Army Of The Game

The next step is to gather an army of maximum upto 50 soldiers. They may include Swordwrath, Spearton, Archidon, miners, magikill etc. Most important element of Stick Var Hacked is Archidon, who is at home in the art of bows and arrows. Then comes Spearton that fights for you for so long and the series goes on. The sole objective is to demolish the rival’s statue in order to win the battle. Every round will earn you 2 upgrade options. These upgrade options, if utilized properly, are the key to success.

The Unlimited Gems is a bit of a strategic game as well. It also requires creating hindrances in the rival’s way of earning the gold. One must have to attack time and again and stop the rival’s miners to improve their chances of winning the duel.

3 Difficulty Levels

       After you get APK Download and press the play button you will come across 4 different windows: Classic Campaign, Missions Weekly Levels, Tournament Mode and Endless Deads. By clicking on the Classic campaign window it will ask you the difficulty level with which you want to begin the game. These three levels include: Easy, Hard and Insane. Even its easiest level is not as easy as one can think. Stick War: Legacy APK is a diverse game that tests your war tactics. If you’re a beginner, begin with the easy level and after gripping over it tightly, try other hard and insane difficulty levels.

Key Characters of The Game

       Characters are actually the heart and soul of the Stick War: Legacy Hack Diamond game. You must learn which character will help you win the battle in a specific scenario. Going into the game without considering their importance will never let you overcome the enemy. We have gathered basic information about the key characters that will boost your game. So here is a list of characters one will come across in Stick War Cheats Unlimited Money mod menu game.

Serial No.NameDescription of Stick War Legacy Mod APK Characters
01MinersThese are the fundamental units of the game. They play a pivotal role in building and progressing. Every mission begins with at least two miners. They carry on the work to mine gold which is later used in forming a large army including the rest of the characters. A new miner is harnessed against 150 coins. One must not employ more than 8 miners.
02ArchidonIt’s another war winning unit of the game 2023. They are armoured with traditional arrows and bows. It can be employed against 300 coins each. They are a crucial part of the game due to their nature of attack. They attack from a considerable distance and retreat quickly. They belong to the Light Ranged category. Giving a headshot will provide you bonus damage.
03SwordwrathAfter miners, one can mine Swordwrath only against 125 coins. These are not too costly but they defend the empire of Hack Unlimited All game very well. If they are upgraded fully, you can take maximum benefit from them. Jump and attack will provide bonus damage to the rival. They come off Melee as well.
04SpeartonThe cadre that has got spears and stabs for retreating and fighting continuously are coined as spearton. They are deployed, spending 500 coins each in Hacked Arcade Games. They are the attackers who fight in the front line with Swordwrath to stop the attackers. For overthrowing the rival one must employ at least 4 speartons that will defend your front line. If you have got 8 speartons, the 2nd row of speartons will attack while being protected by the 1st rows of speartons. They belong to the melee/tank category.
05MagikillThe Unlimited Gems and Upgrade game belongs to the ancient world with a couple of useful and traditional battalions. But the game gets interesting with the introduction of some supernatural powers like Magikill. This character can explode your enemy through bomb and give birth to another different creature with useful effects. But it will cost 1200 coins. They usually summon and used for effective stun/attack. They come under the spellcaster category.
06GiantIt is an unusual object that is formed by spending 1500 coins. It comes under Melee or heavy tank category for performing a gigantic task of hitting and killing the rival’s army on the spur of the moment.
06Defenders(Castle Archidon)Defenders stand behind your emblem and come into use when you press the defend button of Stick War. All your battalion get back and defenders try to retreat the enemy. You must upgrade your statue to increase their number and strength. They come under the defense category but you can’t control them.

Mod Features Of The Game

Unlimited Gold/Gem/Money

As discussed above, miners are always there to mine gold and gems in order to build a large army. Undoubtedly, all nations spend billions of dollars every year for their defense. Same is the case here that you have to earn money through miners which is your basic economic unit in the game. Besides mining gold which is used for building a large military you can also earn gems through winning the battle. These gems can be used to speed up the mining process and some other useful processes too. If you get the game from our site, its mod will earn you plenty of free gems that you can spend for buying various tricks.

On the other hand, it is seen that many players search “How to get Free Gems in the hack APK”. Its answer is simple and straightforward. If you download it from Google Play or App Store you have to buy them for quickly proceeding in the game.

No Ads

Ads are actually too disappointing which usually waste your time and spoil the pleasure. Therefore, if you download you will be pleased to find that the experts have removed the ads. Now, you are totally free to play it without any sort of Google Ads and other distracting things.

2D but Captivating Graphics

Despite the fact that Star War Legacy Hack APK Free 2023 is based on 2D visuals, still they are unique and alluring. Everything is in perfect shape and style that entices the audiences with novelty. Many 3D games fail to get gamers’ attention but its content is different from the rest of the 3D games and also exceptional.

Other Features of the Game

  • Play Tournaments
  • Simple Control
  • Change the difficulty level
  • Participate in Challenging Weekly Levels
  • Survive in Endless Deads
  • Control any single soldier
  • 2 dozens languages to Play With
  • Collect and open chests for bountiful rewards
  • Complete Achievements for Unlocking Various Rewards
  • Download this game

       Next comes the downloading process of the game. It is straightforward and upfront. You are just advised to follow below mentioned basic steps and get Stick War Hacked APK Download on your smart devices.

I)                   Just tick the download button located under the featured image.

II)                You will be readdressed to a new page in a new tab.

III)              It will take 5-10 seconds to generate a download link.

IV)             Click on the link which will initiate the downloading process.

V)                After Stick War 2 Download is completed on your PC/Android now install the game and enjoy.


The game gives us a glimpse of our past when people used to live in caves and build their own weapons for safeguarding their tribes. It is also protecting your own territories which are under attack. Sometimes you have to capture enemy’s forts as well for expanding your realm in 2023. Playing it is a good practice as it also prepares you to tackle the panic situation and urges you to play best tricks when required.


is it possible to go free money and coins?

Yes, everything is free in 2023

How to Download the game?

to download process is given in this articles.

is game safe to Use?

Yes, its completely free.

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