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April 19, 2023
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4.4 and up
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Editor’s Review

If you are so humanely and passionate towards all animates and wanna feed and assist the hungry creature then you must play cut the rope series for serving little OM NOM and figuring him getting out of the danger of being robbed by the dacoits that may steal your protagonist’s candies. The theme of the game is quite interesting where OM NOM, a cartoonic frog character, is portrayed as a hungry pet and needs more candies to fulfil his appetite. Cut the rope 2 APK is so perplexing where you have to make the right decisions in cutting the rope in the right way that the candy must go to OM NOM which will help you successfully complete your mission. In a nutshell, the game requires fairly swift response and focus to get OM NOM closer to the luxury consequently sifting you to the succeeding level


App nameCut the Rope 2 Mod APK
Game typePuzzle game
Release dateDecember 19, 2013
SizeVaries with devices
Requirement4.4 and up
RootNot Required
SeriesCut The Rope Series
Mod featureUnlimited coins/gems

About Developer

This puzzle game is developed by ZEPTOLAB, a global gaming company dedicated to science of fun. This gaming lab was established in 2008. They have produced 14 games till now with the most famous one is cut the rope mod apk that has been downloaded more than a billion times. Our currently discussed game cut the rope 2 mod apk has been downloaded 100m+ from Google play only with 4.3/5 exceptional ratings. Moreover, the game has got a considerable crowd at the app store too with 4.7/5 incomparable ratings. It can be located at 122nd on the casual gaming site.


The rope 2 game is so humanly that it teaches us to be careful towards our pet. Feed them on time, protect them from the hazards, bring them up in a good environment and try to meet their needs in Cut The Rope New Version. OM NOM is one of our pets in the game that should be treated the way we treat our domesticated animal. This fun game always guides you to do whatever you can for taming and framing OM NOM and improve your breeding skills too.


The game is categorised in puzzle list and a bit brain teaser too in nature. All you can do is to cut the rope accurately for transferring the candy to the hero. If you misjudge or cut the rope in an erroneously then your turn will be over and OM NOM will remain hungry. The game demands to take right steps for advancing convincingly in the episode.


With every update many new levels are being added to the game to make it more appealing to its players. There are 160+ levels till now with increasing difficulty with every passing level. The major characters are OM NOM with his friend NOMMIES that will guide you throughout your journey of discovering candies for OM NOM in Cut the Rope Gold Mod APK. In addition to it, there are 7 more characters in the game and you will come across them once you advance in the game. They hop all over the episode from jungles to cities and tunnels to junkyards for curiously finding the major entity – the candy. As discussed before, you may be playing in woodland, scrapheap, urban area, rural patch, or an underground tunnel for discovering candy for your superman. These vast range of settings develop your concentration in Cut The Rope Full Free Game.


This game comes up with diverse mind twisting challenges and unimagined hurdles that plea the gamers to use their resilient brain and problem cracking abilities to get going in the game. Cutting the rope in the right way needs command over regular and real life physics principles. Such an unpremeditated phenomenon is always idolised by children and adults equally. Such physics laws are always healthy and useful in advance learning.


After OM NOM, there are NOMMIES that always guide you towards your destiny of catching the real candy and solving the puzzle. Hats to brag about will help you modify OM NOM the way you crave for your tamed animal. NOM NOMS YUMMY can make a bridge for OM NOM with the help of his tongue by licking in order to help him reach his favourite candy. There is another character BLUE that has the ability to lift the hero to the next level of candy pursuit.

The next one is TOSS that will throw items for you in the midair that can be used to boost OM NOM and resolve the glitches in the game. Boo has different functions to perform as he always tries to scare the main character. The second last one is SNAILBROM that has the unique feature of rolling bravely on partitions and ceilings for pushing OM NOM’s candies around. He is the actual chief in the game that can make your goal much easier to achieve. At the end GINGER comes that can vanish away any toiling between OM NOM and the candy.


When you download it from Google play or the app store you will be asked to get a free trial first and then you have to pay for it if you think the game is too exciting and interesting. It always costs users if they go with such platforms. If you are in search of cut the rope games free download actually you have attained. Our latest mod apk will, as usual, save your money and time from getting subscribed to this puzzle game against your hard earned money. I can bet you won’t need to throw away your cash for subscribing to this game that can easily be subscribed freely by following our steps.


Any sort of puzzling game is exhilarating and stimulating if you are playing it with complete focus and concentration. Unfortunately Google ads will never let you get going with the same hurried preoccupation and definitely derail you consequently losing all the likings, enthusiasm, tints and adventures of the game. You have to go through ads if you download Google play store or if you are an apple lover then you may download it from app store. But here, you are being offered the best pedestal to download this exciting game free of cost and feel free from the major game distracting element. Get yourself prepared to experience an ad free sport to enjoy the true nature of this puzzling game unrestrictedly.


Cash is much needed for stepping forward in the game rapidly. Moreover, you also required coins and gold for buying skins and customising your most loved character. Starters or newcomers always feel difficult for gathering Cut The Rope Mod APK Unlimited Money and coins quickly for unlocking higher tiers that always fascinate them. But you don’t need to worry as we are 24/7 here to serve you with best of the key solutions that will not only save your hard earned cash and imperative time but also let you get yourself fully engrossed in the games available at our sites.

Our downloading link will assist you in getting cheats. If you download this android app from Google or apple store you will need to spend a lot of hard earned money in order to buy game coins and golds. Here is the way not to worry about buying such coins and cash for advancing in the game swiftly because you would get unlimited gold, coins and cash freely from our download link. With the help of such a bountiful amount you can easily get your fascinated skins and open a new world for yourself without having to spend a single real penny.


 This free puzzling Mod APK has amazing structure and gameplay that will surely make you an addict of it. Today, we have dozens of other thrilling and exciting bamboozling games but this unlock all levels feature has its own ceremonial craze on the apple store as well as play store. The game has been offered totally free in order to kill their boredom and to get ahead from your rivals. You have the luxury to play mod apk free on your android, apple or PC while enjoying playing this bewildering game.

How to install Cut The Rope 2 Mod APK?

The procedure to download the game is literally simple and hassle free.

I) Just click the download button under the featured image.

II) You will be redirected to a new page in a new tab.

III) It will take 5-10 seconds to generate a download link so please be patient.

IV) Click that link and downloading will begin.

V) After downloading is completed in your pc/android to enjoy android 1 Cut The Rope 2 Hack Mod APK download.


Who is Nommies in Cut The Rope 2 Mod APK?

Nommies is one of the seven characters in the game and 2nd most important one after OM NOM. He has the task to guide the player throughout their venture to find the candies for growing up the protagonist.

How many characters are there in cut the rope frog?Ans: There are 8 characters altogether in the game – OM NOM, NOMMIES, BLUE, SNAILBROW, TOSS, BOO, GINGER AND NOM NOMS YUMMY.

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