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April 19, 2023
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Editor’s Review

Cut the rope Mod APK is the maiden version of the most popular monster game about OM NOM. Very few games are offering the main role to such a tiny monster which is the fundamental point of the sport. Let me tell you that anyone who is caringly and passionate towards all animate and wants to feed and assist the hungry creature will certainly enjoy playing for serving the innocent creatures. The theme of the game is quite interesting where OM NOM, a cartoonic frog character, is portrayed as a hungry little monster and needs more candies to fulfil his empty belly but he never wants to share his candies with anyone.

The game is so perplexing where you have to cut the rope in the right way so that the candy must eat all the three stars and then the candy itself would be eaten by OM NOM which will help you successfully complete your mission. In a nutshell, the game requires fairly swift response and focus to get OM NOM closer to the luxury sweetie consequently shifting you to the succeeding level.

Game Specs

App nameCut the Rope 2 Mod APK
Game typePuzzle Game
Release dateOctober 01, 2010
RequirementAndroid 4.4 & up, iSO 10.0 or later
RootNot required
Mod featureUnlimited coins/gems


This puzzle game is developed by ZEPTOLAB, a global gaming company dedicated to science of fun. This gaming lab was established in 2008. They have produced more than a dozen of games till now with the most famous one that has been downloaded more than a billion times from across various formats. Interesting to note that the game is highly rated on Google Play with 4.6/5 exceptional ratings. Moreover, the game has got a considerable crowd at the app store too with 4.8/5 incomparable ratings. It can be located at 60th on the puzzle gaming list there.

Interesting Gameplay

The game play is quite easy and cool but the challenges and goals are quite tough to achieve. After getting the full version, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions for proceeding in the game and then you will have to select your age. After going through these meek steps you will be taken to the first level for giving you a glimpse of a simple demo of cutting the rope by swiping your finger and making swift progress in the game.

The main objective and goal is to move the candy in the reach of starving OM NOM. It doesn’t matter whether you get all the stars while moving the candy or not. Firstly, you must master how to move the candy towards the hero. Once you get over it, the second goal is to think how the ultimate candy would eat all the stars before reaching the main character. Getting stars will increase the energy for your player and rewards for you as well.

Humanely Impact

The game is so humanly that it teaches us to be watchful and responsive towards your tame. Feed him on time, protect him from the hazards, bring him up in a good environment and try to meet their needs in OM NOM Cut the Rope. OM NOM is one of our pets in the game and you should treat him the way you treat your domesticated animals at home. This fun game always guides you to do whatever you can for taming and framing OM NOM and improve your breeding skills too. You crave buying your pet some handsome clothes and giving him all he needs.

Perplexing Nature

The game is categorized in puzzle list and a bit conundrum too in natural surroundings. All you can do is to cut accurately for transferring the candy to the hero. If you misjudge then your turn will be over and OM NOM will remain hungry. The game demands to take right steps for advancing convincingly in the episode. There is no time limit but rewards matter according to the finishing time. Therefore, one must act accordingly after considering all the aftermaths and motions of the candy. Use your physics’ skills and always try to maximize the reward by collecting gold stars, discovering hidden prizes and unlocking new levels.

Sound Effects and Graphics

The game has extraordinary and relaxing sound effects. If you closely observe the sound it would seem fast and tricky but in nature it is quite comforting and consoling. Ting Ting sound is quite joyful when OM NOM engulfs the sweet candy and your mission is accomplished. Moreover, the game has 2D bright and vivid graphics and the images and visuals are very eye-catching making it much more attractive and realistic. The frog, OM NOM, itself is quite a cute and tiny monster. Other actions are also striking such as cutting strings and breaking bubbles for efficaciously moving the sweet candy towards the innocent but gluttonous little monster.

Amazing 425+ Levels

With every update many new levels and mystery boxes containing further levels are being added to the game to make it more appealing. 425+ levels have been added till now after the passing of a decade with increasing difficulty of each passing level. The major characters are OM NOM with his friend the NOMMIES that will guide you throughout your journey of discovering candies for OM NOM.

In addition to it, the game is a single player mode along with several other characters with whom you will come across once you successfully advance in the game. In this 2D graphic game, there are 17 boxes as well. You have to conquer these boxes for winning the battle and reaching to the top. There are several other objects that you will run into as you move ahead. These Include, airbags, magic hats, lanterns, bursting balloons, bubbles etc.

Real Life Physics

This game comes up with diverse mind twisting contests and unimagined obstacles. Consequently demand gamers to use their resilient brain and problem cracking abilities to get going in the game. Firstly, you have to make your senses sharp in imagining what will happen when you swipe across the screen. Likewise, what will be the possible reaction of your performed action. You have to take a thorough look whether swiping the screen will be good enough to capture all the stars with the candy and go straight to the little monster belly?  Cutting the rope in the right way needs command over regular and real life physics principles. Such an unpremeditated phenomenon is always idolised by children and adults equally. Such physics laws are always healthy and useful in advance learning and skills development.

Useful Characters

After OM NOM, there is the NOMMIES that always guide you towards your destiny of catching the real candy and solving the puzzle. Besides them we have Nibble Nom, Om Nelle, Boo, Toss, Roto and Evan Coulton. Nibble Nom can be obtained from a box dropped from a stork. It’s male and has a green appearance. Om Nelle is the female character and can eat and discover candies like Om Nom. Even Coulton is a clumsy boy who finds Om Nom on his doorstep. There are other characters too that will be playing their part in the game. In addition to it, they will also keep fascinating you throughout your venture of finding sweet candies for your little monster.

Free Subscription

When you download from Google Play or the App Store you will be asked to get a free trial first. Afterwords, you have to pay for it if you think the game is too exciting and interesting. It always costs users almost $10 per month. Moreover, it also varies with the countries and the currencies if they go with such platforms. If you are in search of the game I am affirming that you have already attained it. For Instance, our latest mod APK will, as usual, save your money and time from getting subscribed to this puzzle game against your hard earned money. I can bet you won’t need to throw away your cash for subscribing to this game anymore. Why one should wast money when he can freely subscribe it by following our steps.

Ads Removed

Any sort of puzzling game is exhilarating and stimulating if you are playing it with complete focus and concentration. Unfortunately Google ads will never let you get going with the same hurried preoccupation. Definitely they derail you consequently losing all the likings, enthusiasm, tints and adventures of the game. You have to go through ads if you free download the Cut The Rope Mod APK no ads from the Google Play or the App Store. But here, you can get the best pedestal to download this exciting game free of cost. It will also let you to get rid of the major game distracting element. Therefore, you should gear up to experience an ad free sport to enjoy the true nature of this puzzling game unrestricted.

Unlimited Money/Cash/Golds

Firstly, cash is extremely important for stepping forward in the game rapidly. Moreover, you will also require coins and gold for buying skins and customizing your most loved and gluttonous tiny character. Consequently, the beginners always find it difficult to gather Unlimited Money and coins quickly for unlocking higher tiers that always fascinate them. But you don’t need to worry if you are spending your valuable time on reading this blog. It is one of the chief aims of our platform to save our readers money. Therefore, our downloading link will assist you to get Unlimited Money totally free.

Repeating the same testimonial again that if you download this android app from the Google store, you will need to spend a lot of hard earned money in order to buy game coins and golds and progress effectively in the game. But, here is the way not to worry about buying such coins and cash for advancing in the game swiftly. It is because you would get unlimited gold, coins and cash freely from our download link. With the help of such a bountiful amount you can easily get your fascinated skins. In short, you can open a new world for yourself without having to spend a single real penny.

Play at any level in Cut The Rope Mod APK

Only this Mod APK allows you to play any one of the 425 levels. This feature offers you to test your skills and at any level remaining at any stage. Otherwise, you won’t be able to skip the uncompleted level and go on to the next one. After that, the game requires the players to finish the current level and then move on to the next one. In this modified game you have got unlock all levels. So install this brain testing game and examine your basic physics skills now.

Final Words

In conclusion, this free puzzling mod APK has amazing structure and game play that will surely make you an addict of it. Today, we have dozens of other thrilling, exciting and bamboozling games. On the other hand, this has its own  ceremonial craze on the Apple Store as well as the Play Store. The game is totally free in order to kill their boredom and to get ahead from your rivals. Next to it, you have the luxury to play mod APK free on your android, apple or PC while enjoying playing this bewildering game.

How to install the game?

Here are the steps to download the game

I)      Just click the download button under the featured image.

II)    It will take you to a new page in a new tab.

III)    It will take 5-10 seconds to generate a download link so please be patient.

IV)   Click that link and downloading will begin.

V)    when you successfully download it just install it on you PC/Android to enjoy the game for free.


Who is the Nommies in the Cut the Rope Series?

Ans: The Nommies is one of the seven characters in the game and 2nd most important one after OM NOM. He has the task to guide the player throughout their venture to find the candies for growing up the protagonist.

How can one get Nibble Nom in Cut the rope?

Ans: This is a very special character series. Furthermore, He arrives in a box dropped from the stork when two characters – OM NOM and her female counterpart OM NELLE – will be dressing in their super suits. Moreover, he will live with both these characters once he joins them.

What's new

Made pillows in the Om Nom's box softer.



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