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Max Games Studios
18 May 2022
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4.4 and up
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Editor’s Review

       This fighting game urges us to go through the ages instantly. The whole theme of the game is to train the massive army ranging from riding dinosaur tanks used in world wars. It will give us a glimpse of our olden times and instantly shifts gears with the introduction of modern destructive tools. There are 7 complete ages of wars depicted in Age of War 2 Mod APK 1.6.5. All these 7 war ages are totally unique with almost 29 units – Assault Spartan, Anubis Warrior, Cyborgs, Megas, Knights, Grenade Soldiers, Rifleman, Cannons, etc. you have to go through all these for winning the age of war otherwise be ready for surrendering.

 About The Developer

       The game is developed and produced by Max Games Studios. They have positively released lots of competitive sports, mostly intending wars and battles. Their well-known five gaming apps can be seen at Google Play being the best Stick war legacy and others also got a huge success as well. En route for game is unlocked which has been downloaded 10M+ plus with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 on the Playstore. Moreover, this strategic game gets 4.3 outstanding ratings on the App store as well. Generally, the theme of the game is a bit like primaeval violence but it also includes modern destruction tools that would have fought the battle with swords, bows, spears, tanks, guns, bullets, etc.

Game Specs

NameAge of War 2 Mod APK
Release dateMay 28, 2010
Requirement4.4 and up
Mod FeaturesFree Gems
DeveloperMax Games Studios
Content RatingsTeen
RootNot Required

       After going through the ephemeral Age of War 2 Mod APK Latest Version game’s framework, developer’s impression and game requirement, let’s dig deeper in the game for carrying out the masked basics and features for our users.

How to Play Age War 2?

       The gameplay is simple yet needs to be addressed seriously. The game is all about battling out your opponent through a certain number of troops. Your army must take down the enemy base to win the battle. There are 7 ages discussed earlier these include:

1) Stone Age

2) Spartan Age

3) Egyptian Age

4) Mediaeval Age

5) Renaissance Age

6) Modern Age

7) Future Age

Over the period of time the fighting skills have also been transformed. There is a huge shift in the invention and innovation of fighting tools in every age. The Age of War Mod APK An1 game will let you know how the cavemen fought and the revolution began. What needs to be done here is to make an outline of your attack and come up with the best possible strategies to win the battle or shield your own base.

       Beside it, the game play is thoroughly challenging and unique. The left corner of the screen belongs to you and you have to use the available gold in order to buy some troops for fighting out the rivals. The army in the Hacked APK will fight automatically and you have to utilize the gold for helping them out.

Increase your Gold

       Gold is the vital resource in the game. You will receive plenty of gold on successfully beating the enemy. With this amount you will be able to definitely buy and unlock powerful troops. This is crucial for stopping the advancing opposition marching towards your base.

Decrease Enemy’s Health

       In order to win the battle you have to employ the best strategies. For this, you and your enemy have got the health bar. The health bar is crucial for lasting longer in the battle. You need to lessen the health bar asap for retreating your opponents. If your attack is powerful and leave them in the middle and retreat then it will regain its power and come back stronger. So, it is advised to attack and fight your rival till the end.

Unlock Troops

       Unlocking troops will not only help in strengthening your troops’ power but also crucial in winning the wars. But unlocking the troops requires gold which is the vital force. After you unlock them you can summon them any time during the battle.

Shifting Environment

       The game undoubtedly provides beautiful yet simple designing. It begins with the stone age and lasts to the modern day wars. The environment changes with the change of age and characters. The whole graphics are designed to make the player fall in love with the game and make the wars much more interesting. Although the game is shaped in 2D visuals for analyzing your own progress and keeping an eye over the enemy’s troops.

There are many other factors and features in the game that you must know before playing the game. These are listed below:

Tackle different enemies

A couple of Modes to play with

Various fighting Era

Different Fighting and destructive tools

Enjoy everything from Planning to Using Force

Upgrade and Analyze Troops’ Power

After going through above-stated game features, it’s time to discuss some mod features for which you have been staying and reading.

Unlimited Money and Gold

       If you have studied the whole article you might have got a glimpse of what gold can do for you in the game. It is required for upgrading the troops, strengthening your castle and building a large army for defense. It is not an easy task to gather enough gold for achieving all such stuff. But, you don’t need to be worried at all as Age of War 2 Mod APK Unlimited Everything is just a single click away from you. Now our mod will let you have enough gold for buying and unlocking whatever you want in the game.

No Ads

       Ads are in point of fact too hectic, boring and unacceptable. Moreover, they spoil our vintage time and vanishes the thrill and pleasure of the entire game. If you want this game you have to download from our site you will surely be content to find that our IT experts have detached all such boring stuff. Now, you are totally free to play it without any sort of diverting things.

Free Download

       It is one of the FAQs whether mods are safe for devices. Let me tell you, it is endorsed by the android community itself that all Mods are 100% safe to download and install. Downloading procedure is candid, straightforward and simple. Initially, click on the download button. Wait for a couple of seconds here before the new download link auto generated. Now, click on the newly downloaded link of Age of War 2 Mod APK No Verification which will begin your downloading course.

Note: If you haven’t allowed 3rd parties installation form your mobile’s settings then permit it now for downloading this latest fighting app. What is left now is to wait for its installation to be completed and enjoy the game for free.


The game springs a hint of the past wars when folks used to live in caves and build their own dangerous, unique and novel artilleries for protecting their tribes. It’s all about shielding and guarding your own territories which are under outbreak of the primaeval and modern but powerful rivals. The theme of the game is to capture enemy’s towers for expanding your realm by manoeuvring correctly and manipulating your force. Playing it is a good practice as it also prepares you to make your best strategies for tackling the terror state and urges you to play best tricks when required in order to overthrow your opposition. The content is recommended for teenagers and must be followed strictly.


How to beat on hard?

Ans: you must have at least 11,000 of gold together with the titan and 4 support units. Your titan will deal with the damage and the rest of the 4 supporting units will bring out the rest of the required action for winning the battle on hard.

How to Hack the game?

Ans:  It is impossible to hack of the game but if you have got sufficient gold you can do whatever you want in the game instead of thinking about hacking the game.

How to Play the game without Flash?

Ans:  this is an HTML5 version of the game. Therefore; flash is not required to play it.

What's new

NEW SKINS: - Let's Party: Outfit all your units with PARTY HATS and some fun effects when you defeat an enemy - Age Of Spooky: Turns all of your units into spooky GHOSTS! Performance: - Updated some sound effects - Many graphical and gameplay bug fixes, as well as performance updates to have the game run as nicely as possible on all devices - Bug fixes to previous mode purchases



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